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  1. beautiful looking hookahs!

  2. how much would the ice be including the hose and the vase?
  3. lol is that a barbecue charcoal ?
  4. I would like to buy one if it's still available, but not now, maybe in January 2010. I'll return to this topic later.
  5. yo guys, do you know any hookah store here in manhattan or near here? thanks!
  6. Ok Guys, 70 dollars (shipping fee included). any other offer, please let me know
  7. Rotator Egyptian Hookah. I used it 2 or 3 times, so it is nice and good. All seals is OK, it comes with the regular egyptian hose, tongs, grommets and a chinese bowl(little damaged). All egyptian hookahs are hand-made, so there's visible welding marks in the stem. As always from Rotator Hookahs, it doesnt rotate perfectly, I mean, it does rotate 360°, but it wobble a little bit, but your charcoal wont fall off the bowl, and it wobble a little bit if you rotate it too fast. (this NEVER happens when you smoke it). Here are the pics Please guys let me know your offers. Shipping to everywhere inside of U.S.
  8. how much for the blue nammor and the black razan?
  9. do you guys go to hookah paradise very often ? if so, where do you guys live? i'd like to go there but its so far !
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