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  1. Chadkciw

    Ask A Stupid Question

    the depths of hell. Would you tap one of the nurses from silent hill?
  2. Does any1 know how to prepare natural tobacco leaves? i heard something about soaking them in water first but i could use some advice. I have Asfahini tobacco btw, found it at a local international market
  3. Chadkciw

    Ask A Stupid Question

    because it shits itself, daily To be or not to be? Is that the question?
  4. Chadkciw

    Ask A Stupid Question

    becuase magdy zidan is just using old rusty KM's and using shoe polish on them and spraypaint and renaming them MZ Is it hot in here? or is it just me?
  5. Chadkciw

    Ask A Stupid Question

    more like, boners to the yard, your yard... for you whos sick and tired of hearing about this presidential campain?
  6. Chadkciw

    Where To Buy Online

    QUOTE (bkx76 @ Jul 15 2008, 10:55 PM) Anyone care to recommend an online seller? Going to buy a Mia just make sure its a mya not a Mia, dont wanna get boned
  7. Chadkciw

    How Much Ya Bench?

    i dont bench press, i jerk off with wrist weights on, now tell me whos having more fun working out, you or me?
  8. Chadkciw

    Ask A Stupid Question

    because they are green.....duh how long will this thread go on?
  9. Chadkciw

    Ask A Stupid Question

    no sprecken ze french what would a monkey snoke?
  10. Chadkciw

    Ask A Stupid Question

    i lick the charcoal b4 i light it... where does the hose go?
  11. Chadkciw

    Gun Ban Get's The Hose

    QUOTE (Ron Perlman @ Jul 2 2008, 06:23 AM) QUOTE (Scheetz @ Jun 29 2008, 07:52 AM) Maybe we should just trash technology. Go back to everyone carrying swords around. Yeah, I'm really pissed that I couldn't buy that bunch of grenades, the tank, the B52, that nuclear sub and that rocket launcher I had my eye on. Not to mention those weapons of mass destruction; Damn hippy commies and their damn nanny-stateism. I'm off to score some Anthrax before they ban that too! /jk you all would be screwed if i could carry a sword around, id be all like "ma'am let me slice your pizza for you!" *slice* and her head falls clean off. it would be awesome
  12. Chadkciw

    Ask A Stupid Question

    nah, life in "pound me in the ass" prison, without parole, or lube Do you know the muffin man?
  13. Chadkciw

    The Official Diablo 3 Thread

    there will be 8 characters total, male and female, im pretty sure the necro will be making a comeback, i think all the originals will be back, and then they will add 1 more new character in addition to the witch doctor, he looks badass though, a wall of zombies? genius
  14. Chadkciw

    Ask A Stupid Question

    because we are the all singing all dancing crap of the world. your cup runeth over with.......?
  15. If you havent heard the news, blizzard has officially confirmed diablo 3. Dont believe? Click the link http://www.blizzard.com/diablo3/?rhtml=y No word yet on whether or not its pay to play but i hope to god its not. If they do charge a fee than a small one is all they should ask for, like $5 a month. So far only 2 classes have been announced, but there will be a total of 5. The Barbarian is making his/her return (you can customize gender in d3) and a Witch Doctor has been implemented. Check the website for more details but post thoughts, comments, and what you would like to see in D3 right here. Personally I want to see a level of customization very similar to Elder Scrolls Oblivion, like being able to create a character from scratch, like how they look, their height, color hair, black/white/hispanic/asian. I am going to hate it if the games marketplace becomes another SOJ currency market. How about everyone else?