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  1. Looks sweet! What's the stem gauge and how does it purge?
  2. That's the idea. Although glass conducts heat less efficient than aluminum, so if you're not burning shisha you're fine.
  3. QUOTE (Hippo_Master @ Mar 9 2009, 09:08 PM) QUOTE (MeHT @ Mar 9 2009, 12:06 PM) Would tobacco produced by the US targeted on export be taxed according US laws or those it is being exported to? The importing country imposes the tax. But honestly, the only tobacco product worth exporting from this nation is Tangiers. Everything else has a better counterpart overseas (cigars, smokeless tobacco, pipe tobacco, shisha...) That's what I'm getting at. I'm interested in organizing Tangiers export into Russia. The tobacco tax is extremely low here. For example, you can buy a pack of Dunhill cigs for $2. 50g AF - $2-3. 50gp Nakhla - $1.
  4. Would tobacco produced by the US targeted on export be taxed according US laws or those it is being exported to?
  5. Just tried smoking through a cig filter, after 5 mins of heavy pulling (it's hard!) I looked at it and it seemed quite clean.
  6. Also, I've heard that flavored tobacco we use with screens/foil were first made to target the female audience and intoduce them to hookah smoking.
  7. QUOTE (jhanzair @ Mar 9 2009, 02:33 AM) Actually, it would be curious to smoke through a cigarette filter, just to see if it's yellow and nasty after a while. I'm pretty sure it will be. Actually, I've got some filters for hand-rolled cigs so that what I'm going to do in a bit.
  8. How would you get "too much" smoke?
  9. Unless you're willing to kill a bunch of mice with hookah and cigarette smoked, I doubt you can conduct a definive study.
  10. MeHT

    Hookah Oddity

    How do you pack it? What is the shisha brand? And what kind of coals did you buy?
  11. Get an airsoft(strikeball) rifle and join in on the action!
  12. QUOTE (Sordino @ Mar 8 2009, 11:55 PM) . Also it is unadvisablle to use a plastic plug due to the, albeit minor, risk of the plastic melting. The smoke down there is not nearly hot enough to melt plastic!
  13. Yes, it would work. You risk ruining your stem and your hands if you're not careful though. Plus the water level in the base would have to be higher.
  14. QUOTE (K1024 @ Mar 8 2009, 05:31 PM) i notice that when i light them on my stove, which is a electric with a glass top dealy, that the burner gets much hotter where the coals are, and i have the burner on full...might be that its overheating the coil? I've ruined my stove that way. The spot where I put the coals now looks like it's been sandpapered.
  15. Well, the irony was intentional.