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  1. 1 Hose Mya Saray QT w/Carrying Case - Black $30.00 TTL-000300 Tangiers Lucid Shisha 250gm - Horchata #478 $10.50 ABP-000304 Tangiers Phunnel Bowl - Blue/Black $9.00 ACQ-000185 Three Kings Charcoal (Box) $9.50 Shipping $12.00 _______________________________________________ TOTAL: $71.00 I found a 15% off coupon but when i use it it doesnt deduct anything so im guessing they deducted after. I e-maild him anyways about it so if the coupon does work the TOTAL will be $60.35
  2. Thanks guys ill make sure to change the flavors bit i cant find the small phunnel that one is medium
  3. Mya QT 14" Black Nakhla mango Nakhla lemon Nakhla mixfruit MangoPhunnel Hookah Bowl - Turquoise Tangiers Tangiers 250 g "lucid" strawberry 2 Rolls of quick lights Total with shipping $58.58
  4. I would like something exotic something that wil WOW people im thinking of the mya QT cuz i have been looking at it for a while.
  5. So i am looking for a decent Hookah that will give me big clouds of smoke. I got $100 more or less. Any suggestions will help. Thanks in advance.
  6. So i started smoking with some friends and a lot of smoke was coming out but it tasted like mintish but it was like a bad mint so i thought it could be the hookah so i cleaned the stem but it was not that so i take the hose out and suck in without smoking and it was the hose i didnt wash it cuz its not washable. What can i do is lemon juice OK??
  7. I would like to spend about $50 i want it to be small i already have a big one. So i was wondering what you guys think i was looking at the mya QT but thrs also a flee market or swap shop near where i live were i could get a chiness knock-off for lik 20 but idk if there is a big difference or not. Any opinions or other possible hookahs i could get? Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks guys I will probly wait because i also want to buy myself a new hookah (mya QT ) so ill see wat i can com up with
  9. enano#1

    Shisha Pass It On

    great idea i have AF if thats good but i dont fit the requirements hopefully by the time this gets started i will have all requirements
  10. So I was planing to get some shisha and I decided to try some new flavors out, they are all from hookah freak Flavor 1: Purple Monkey Flavor 2: Banana Split Flavor 3: Blueberry Pancakes Flavor 4: Neopolitan Dynomite Flavor 5: Snicker Doodle For: $23.36+shipping so it would be like $30 Any one got any advice on any where to find better prices and if those flavors are good or not?
  11. enano#1

    Nour Hookah, Tangiers, Med Phunnel,coals

    Med Phunnel Bowl Violet/purple can i et pics and sent to 33327