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  1. why not jsut not pack the bowl to the top? ive been smoking my tang with about 3-4mm between the foil and tobacco with great results.
  2. j3oomerang

    Finally Out Of Mimon

    anyone ever try mimon-pear, i have both and thinking about mixing them
  3. j3oomerang

    Finally Out Of Mimon

    just had mimon for the first time today, amazing In my opinion it doesnt have that signature tangiers tobacco taste, but it tastes like a perfectly clean, and balanced lemon mint. smokes a lot lighter than other tangiers ive tried.
  4. i have to keep flipping mine too but its worth it to me. maybe you should cook em longer, wait till the coal is ashy white and glowing red.
  5. j3oomerang

    All Glass Hookah 2.0

    thanks again, heres a pic of the whole hookah i forgot to attach to original post:
  6. j3oomerang

    All Glass Hookah 2.0

    yeah, they should try to make it look a little more traditional, but that of course will drive up the price. but those hookahs right below them are nice as hell. Whats the background on those?
  7. j3oomerang

    All Glass Hookah 2.0

    i found a couple after upgrades
  8. j3oomerang

    All Glass Hookah 2.0

    Thanks for all the kind replies. I meant to post up this picture on my last post. Its from before all the upgrades but don’t really have anything recent. If someone could post a link to the MNH hookah, that would be great.
  9. j3oomerang

    All Glass Hookah 2.0

    It hits amazing, nice and clean. We usually have this hookah and a QT going at the same time and everyone always comments on how "smooth" the roor is.The pull is oh so nice and even easier than a QT with a Razan. As far as clouds go, its on par with the QT or any hookah ive tried. I wanna say its harder to get epic clouds on a glass bowl and screen vs traditional foil. Foil heats and cools so rapidly and thats what the hookah really needs, whereas glass takes a long time to heat up and cool down. Most of us on here im sure could make a coke can hit if thats all we had to work with. i Just never liked the idea of smoking with foil (there have been studies linking to alzheimers for example), and really it hits as great as any other hookah once you get it down. I wash with dish soap and water, afterwards i can stick my nose in it and i dont smell a thing. BUUUUUTTT, the latex hose of course does have a slight odor in it
  10. [/size] I’ve been meaning to make this thread for a while as I made some upgrades a while back that I thought some of yall might be interested in. The last thread I made about my hookah got a little out of hand and then ultimately deleted. Let’s try to respect the forum rules and not even mention anything about NHT or post any links to any website selling ROOR products. As far as I know the hookah is discontinued, and you won’t find it online (check local head shops, might get lucky). The hookah is finally complete thanks to the guys at MNH; they were able to custom make a bowl that fits my hookah specifically. I also got a few small parts made by a local laboratory glass blower. He made me two hose connectors, one glass stopper, an 18” glass tube used as a handle and mouth piece, and even repaired my cracked hookah. [size="3"]Pics: Custom Jet Glass bowl form MNH Custom Hose Hose connector Diffuser Stem Connection Bowl connection Hose connection
  11. j3oomerang

    Best Hookah Bag?

    i use a case that came with one inch slabs of foam that you can cut out to your needs: (i have more holes cut out now)
  12. QUOTE (Zinite @ Nov 17 2008, 07:34 PM) Anyone know what kind of pipe this is? Found it on Craigslist looks like a mya to me
  13. j3oomerang

    medusa pipes

    QUOTE (moscowman891 @ Nov 16 2008, 10:53 AM) QUOTE (j3oomerang @ Jun 24 2008, 02:39 PM) QUOTE (Spotless @ Jun 24 2008, 03:40 AM) QUOTE (j3oomerang @ Jun 24 2008, 01:33 AM) at that price you can get a blower to create your own design problem is idk how to work glass if they were cheaper id buy the mirage or noble those are sleek I meant hire a professional blower to make it for you. On there website they have a guy loading shisha into the bowl and lighting it with one quicklite, pretty cool design the way the coal is below the rim of the glass oh are u a professional blower haha Nope, i dont know how to work glass. Its says the brilliant is a limited 100 unit production run. Who buys these things? I thought theyd be greatful if they could even sell 50 of them. (i shouldnt be talking though)
  14. j3oomerang

    Best Af-flavors?

    Eskandarani Apple & Mint We all know the mint is the best on the market, but anyone who hasn't tried the Golden AF Eskandarani Apple, is missing out. Just had it for the first time last weekend, and it is a true apple. There is no licorice flavor at all like you taste on a lot of apple flavor tobaccos from different manufacturures including the AF Double Apple. Definately the best apple and mint on the market in my opinion. What's up with the "White Grape?" Is that the one people keep getting ketchuped on with? I'd love to try if it's not risky.