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  1. GypsyLotus

    Hookah Forum Schwag.

    QUOTE (fineout @ Jun 2 2008, 10:59 AM) i dont have photoshop, not even a mouse, although i had an idea, make the letters look connected and the o's like smoke rings and at the end have it look like a guy blew it all out all smoke effect letters. Yeah I like this idea..how the catepillar did it from AIW*..or make the word Hookah Forum in smoke, but have the "h" be a hookah... this is a baddd rendition i did on a random scrap of paper, but so you could understand what I mean * Alice In Wonderland **Crappy I know..some of the ideas are better , but if someone wants to work with it!**
  2. GypsyLotus

    Hookah Bars - Tampa Or Orlando

    Tiaga - Brandon Off Causeway Meridian-56th St & Fowler Hookah Hangout- Off Fowler before USF. Next to the G-Spot
  3. QUOTE (ilikemyusername @ May 11 2008, 07:04 PM) but i like in bradentucky fl. HAHA I love it! I have never heard anyone call Brandon "Brandentucky"..sorry but im gonna steal that one from you. It just fits so well!
  4. GypsyLotus

    Online Discounts.

    QUOTE (Edmond @ May 29 2008, 03:09 PM) Hello, Someone told me there is a thread on this forum containing codes that will allow for a discount on the vendor's website!!!!!! If that's true, can someone please direct me to that thread? I haven't been able to find it so far. ("discount code" and "vendor code" didn't work in the search area). Thanks! Found this one on the web: BuildAHookah.com * Free 200g Jar of Fantasia Tobacco Code: HD 200 URL: http://www.buildahookah.com You have to buy something to recieve it..cant just get it for free.
  5. GypsyLotus

    Alternatives To Tobacco

    QUOTE (cymptom @ Apr 6 2007, 09:39 AM) The blue lotus buzz is comparable to a nicotine buzz, just nicer.... I have an herbal mix called 'Lotus Eaters" that has lotus and the Egyptian Blue Lily- often incorrectly called lotus- I had it in mind to mix it in with some shisha but just haven't had the chance. I'm wondering however, which flavor shisha should I use. Currently I have some strawberrry and some hazelnut.. for the lotus mix i'm thinking some vanilla with something...I dont know..you guys choose something- don't have to suggest the vanilla- and Ill try it out!
  6. GypsyLotus

    Happy B-day Snoopy1966

    Feliz Cumpleanos!!
  7. GypsyLotus

    Hola From Tampa!

    QUOTE (Exile @ May 28 2008, 01:24 PM) Werd. I'm a West Coast Cali player now- but a Florida native! Remember the Bucs glory days? yeah...been a while... but hey look the rays are takin off now..who wouldve known?
  8. GypsyLotus

    Hola From Tampa!

    I was just browsing the web when I saw this forum. At first I didn't think to much of it, but when I kept reading I was pleasantly surprised as how knowledgable many of the members were. I had always thought I knew my fair share about the hookah. Know I know that I don't know shit, except how to smoke it & set it up! LOL. I didn't know that there were different kinds that made a difference in the smoking expierence, and so on. So thanks for having this forum. It really will help me explore my love for the hookah, and a great education tool for those who don't know about this long-time tradition, and for those like me, who only know the mere basics. Thanks!!
  9. GypsyLotus


    yeah..this catepillar changed my life..
  10. GypsyLotus


    my body art. Props to Blue Devil Ybor City
  11. GypsyLotus


    i thought this was too cute. I took it from mushrat. -sorry!-
  12. GypsyLotus


    my beautiful fam on my bday
  13. GypsyLotus


    my baby cuz & I on my 21st
  14. GypsyLotus


    sister and I in front of Niagra falls, gettin soaked!
  15. GypsyLotus


    taken while ridin lady of the mist. niagra falls. canadian side.