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    Tangerine Dream

    Starbuzz Tangerine Dream Setup: 26" Traditional Hookah Bowl: Tangier's Medium Phunnel with Scali mod [attachment=4373:Tangerine_bowl.jpg] Hose: Nammor and Custom washable Screen/Foil: Heavy Reynolds tiny holes around [attachment=4374:Tangerine_Foil.jpg] Liquid In base: Water and Ice Coal: 4 Coconara's Cut: kinda stemmy but overall typical starbuzz. [attachment=4372:Tangerine_cut.jpg] Smell: STRONG tangerine smell. Very Orange Sunkist like. Taste: Very good, like it smells. But with more heat, it is way too strong. Smoke Thickness: This is where it's bad. I've read other reviews for this particular flavor that boast "HUGE Clouds" or "Rich white clouds". I got mediocre at best! Starbuzz usually does pretty well...one of the best...but this one didn't produce much. I'd say medium. Tried many combination of coals. Started with 4 on the big bowl, quickly dropped to 3, then to 2...smoke and flavor overload went down...increased to 4 after they burned down a bit, and the flavor was on point, but the smoke was nothing special. Kind of a let down for the norm. [attachment=4375:Tangerine_Smoke.jpg] Buzz: Very much. I don't usually get too buzzed from starbuzz...just a little. This one had me feeling almost drunk. It's almost unlike a normal buzz and more of a dizziness. This could be because of the attempt at getting big clouds and trying to manage the heat. Duration: 30 minutes? I gave up on it. OVERALL: If you love orange/tangerine flavors, you will probably enjoy this. However, I loved the smell and was very excited to smoke it. I recommend trying it in a smaller size if possible. I got lucky and tried it because I found the 50g tin. I've never seen that from Starbuzz and I don't know why it took them til now to let people try more flavors without committing to a 250g or a 100g and spending half a pay check. Since this one seemed difficult to manage the heat to get a good combination of smoke/flavor, I'll try it again with an egyptian bowl or in the phunnel again with added glycerine (with or without the scali mod).
  2. defcrash

    Bananas Foster

    Fantasia's BANANAS FOSTER Setup: 33" Modern Hookah? (My friend's hookah, not sure) with diffuser. Bowl: Tangier's Phunnel Hose: Nammor and a homemade hose Coal: 3 Coconaras, then added 4th after 10 minutes Screen/Foil: Heavy Duty Foil with many small holes poked in rings to match phunnel shape Liquid In base: Water and Ice Cut: Typical Fantasia cut, medium pieces, very juicy! Strange orange dye. I haven't seen this before with Fantasia, but it was a brownish orange dye. They could have left it natural brown IMO, but oh well. Smell: Good, but wasn't pungent like others from Fantasia, but rather conservative. Can't really pinpoint the smell, although it is NOT banana in any sense. It's kinda like a mild spice, like Cardamom or something. Taste: Same as the smell. Mild taste, no bananas whatsoever, more like the sauce in Foster that they're trying to mimic. I was searching for some kind of carmelized taste, but it ended up tasting really similar to a Cardamom spice shisha from Al Fakher that we've smoked. Smoke Thickness: Very thick! True Fantasia smoke, as usual. Buzz: Mild to no buzz. Duration: We smoked it for about an hour. It would have definitely kept going if we wanted, but the taste just wasn't that luring. Overall: (6/10) I was really excited about this one, as I have tried and given up on finding a Banana flavor that doesn't end up tasting like you sprinkled dog shit in your bowl. Now Fantasia (one of my favorites!) introduces Bananas Foster?? I love desert flavors a lot (pumpkin spice esp). This one let me down. I'll say that it's better than any banana flavor by any brand I've tried so far, but that's probably because there's NO banana flavor in this one! It's weird. It's good for the first 5 minutes or so, but the taste (Cardamom or some mild spice) gets old really fast. I won't be buying any more of this one and am glad I decided against the 200g and tried the 50g instead. I gave it a 6 because I gotta give credit for the smoke quality! This is also a flavor that after 10 minutes, I didn't scrap the bowl, pack it with something to get the taste out and reuse the still large coals. I gotta give a little credit for that. Also, part of the 6 in this rating was the fun it was trying to find out what the hell the flavor actually was! Sorry, Bananas Foster, you let me down. The search for the true banana continues...(If anyone finds one, feel free to email me...i'd love to try it)
  3. defcrash

    Texashookah.com Review Thread.

    Used to deal with Hookah-shisha.com. NEVER AGAIN! TEXASHOOKAH.COM is Excellent!!! 10/10 Website looks fantastic and is easy to use! Prices are really good! Shipping options are a plus!! My experience: Ordered a medium sized order on 3/10/2009 @ 3:42 PM. I recieved that order on 3/13/09 @ 10:00 AM. From Texas to Atlanta, GA, you guys are great!! I also gotta mention, you guys are the first ones (and before others copied you, the only ones) who offered Starbuzz 100 gram tins! At least from the sites I checked. I love options like that because you get to sample a lot more than guessing you'll like a flavor for around $20. Keep up the good work and I look forward to doing all my business with you in the future!
  4. defcrash

    360 Black Snow (Formerly Skyzzz)

    Skyzzz GRAPE ORANGE Setup: Modern Hookah with homemade diffuser. Bowl: Tangiers Phunnel Coal: 3 Coconaras Hose: Nammor Screen/Foil: Heavy Duty with ~ 3 rings of small holes Liquid In base: Water & some Ice Cut: Excellent cut, like Starbuzz with possibly zero stems. Pretty damn sticky stuff. Smell: Smelled great, like sunkist. A friend said Jelly Beans. Taste: Definitely sweet. Tasted just like it smelled. Smoke Thickness: Great smoke. Cool and dense, could have popped another Coco on it after a while, but chose not to. Buzz: Pretty good buzz. Not saying that it's from the buzz, but this one knocked me out after 50 minutes. Duration: 50 minutes. Was still going pretty strong, but I wasn't. Overall: 9/10. This stuff smoked great, retained it's flavor (a good one, too), and was a good price at a not so local international grocery. Half the price of Starbuzz, but almost identical. You'll love this flavor if you like orange soda or fantas or something. Remember frutopia? This reminds me of that.
  5. defcrash


    Fumari COLA Setup: Modern Hookah, with homemade diffuser, Large windcover on top Bowl: Smalll Modern Clay Bowl Coal: 1 Coconara, then a 2nd (absolute best possible coal for hookah...ever) Hose: Nammor Hose Screen/Foil: Heavy Duty Foil with Medium holes poked in normal, even spaced pattern Liquid In base: Water & some Ice Cut: Nice cut, expected Fumari with no stems and not too many rolled clumps to be ripped. Smell: Smelled pretty good. Just like a flat soda. Not so much Coke or Pepsi, but maybe a flat RC or store brand value cola. Taste: Was there any? I drink Pepsis all the time, Cokes upon occasion too. This tasted nothing like either of them. After the entire bowl, I thought I tasted something in the back of my throat (like if you left a glass of cola and ice and all the ice melted, and then you came back 3 days later and drank it.) Smoke Thickness: Fumari's got the smoke down! Nice decently dense white clouds from just one Coconara on there. I tried to put one more coal on after about 20 minutes of trying to concentrate on the flavor, but it started getting harsh as hell. Buzz: Mild buzz. I had already smoked lemon mint earlier that night, so I may not have been as effected. Duration: I smoked for about an hour, but what little (if any) flavor there was turned to the taste of smoke by the end. Overall: 5/10 If someone packed this bowl and set it all up with me not knowing the flavor, I would have guessed they packed washed, unflavored, pretty juicy tobacco that had no taste whatsoever. I love Fumari's Lemon Mint (a modern classic). Tried the Caramel, but it suffered from lack of taste. Tried the Cola now, lack of taste. I am not getting deterred from Fumari, but I am hesitant to experiment flavors now. I read the post on the second page about this Cola flavor, which prompted me to buy it. I didn't enjoy any of it. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't anything. The smoke was fine, but heat management on this one is a little rough. I put the 2nd coal on there when the first was about 35% left to maybe get that dense smoke I like so much. Instant harsh ash taste! Took the windcover and the smaller coal off to revive the bowl. Fumari Lemon Mint's flavor keeps going and going and going. Coals getting small? Throw another one on there and watch it's smoke and flavor keep on going! I'll don't think I'll ever smoke the cola again. If you're wanting to try Fumari, get a flavor you know you'll like...it'll probably kill the competition. While you're at it...pick up a lemon mint, you'll be really impressed!!
  6. defcrash

    Hydro Herbal Shisha Reviews

    Hydro GREEN ICE Setup: Modern Hookah with a homemade diffuser Bowl: Tangier's Phunnel with 3 Coconaras Hose: Nammor Screen/Foil: Heavy Duty Foil with 3 rings of many small holes Liquid In base: Water and Some Ice Cut: Looks like colored grass clippings. Not as juicy as others (Starbuzz, Fantasia, Fumari...) I added a little Vegetarian Glycerine (Whole Foods) to it because it did seem a little dry. Smell: Very nice and cool. Smelled like some kind of gum. Like a Spearmint or something. Taste: Coooooool. I love this flavor! This stuff tastes like it smells! This is a great after-dinner-mint treat. Smoke Thickness: Very thick smoke!! I like thick and dense smoke that still has taste, not ash. This was great! Keep in mind, however, that I did add some glycerine to it cuz it looked a little dryer than I'm used to. Buzz: None (it's herbal) Duration: I smoked this bowl for maybe an hour with no harshness at all! Overall: 10/10. I can't deduct for the lack of a buzz. Even tho my phunnel bowl looked like a freakin' bird's nest with this stuff in it, the flavor/smell/smoke was amazing! Get this stuff!