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  1. Hello HOOKAHFORUM!! I am a relatively old member who quit smoking regularly for the past 3 years, but I'm back in the game. Couldn't resist after visiting a lounge two days ago, had to pick myself up a mya QT. I went to my usual store, and noticed there are an INSANE number of new flavors out there for Al Fakher, along with Nahkla (Mizo/Regular). I was wondering if anyone could let me know what their favorite flavors are in regards to those two brands, can't wait to try the new stuff! Also, I'm thinking about getting a phunnel bowl again, worth it (I usually only smoke by myself)? Great to be back guys, can't wait to hear your feedback.
  2. frost91

    Long Time No Shmoke

    I was thinking about getting an OG trimetal.....but that was my first FIRST original hookah. then mya qt double pair ice catcher tri-metal ice catcher i might have to go back to the original! I cant wait to order....still remember how exciting it was to place the order then wait for it to come!
  3. Haven't been on Hookahforum for about a year now! hows everyone? Havent smoked for almost a year too. Sold all 5 of my hookahs cuz i had no place to put em. Thinking about getting me a brand new one now that i have my own place. LEMME GET THOSE SUGGESTIONS!
  4. frost91

    For Sale. Mya Qt!

    aqua blue sir.
  5. Sooo recently (last month), I have not really been in the smoking mood. I have picked up tons of new flavors, but havent been in the mood whatsoever to smoke them. I have a CH sinus problem. but it has never stopped me from smoking hookah. lately, i have realized that smoking has caused me to develop more phlegm as well as liquid in my lung/asophagus area. I dont know what it is, but i can't believe im saying this. But, i might be done for hookah for good. This is crazy. I have been smoking for 5 years without stopping. But for some reason, i have no desire to smoke anymore. Maybe this is a good thing since im getting surgery for my sinus in a week. Hopefully this is just a phase. I love hookah too much to quit. Haha. Cheers everyone! Do the smoking for me!
  6. this is a really good pick up. would pick it up if it wasnt pink but good luck on the sale!
  7. frost91

    For Sale. Mya Qt!

    i got watermelon and cherry as of now!
  8. [quote name='Brandon`' date='29 December 2009 - 02:18 PM' timestamp='1262114288' post='442295'] I have a feeling that i'm about 95% sure on that HookahJohn gave him his mailing list. They are very close so I wouldn't doubt it. Anyone get a email that wasnt on Hj's mailing list? I'm trying not to point fingers but thats the only thing I can think of because they were so close and NOB loved John. [/quote] yea i got an email and havent ordered from anyone but hookah john in the last year
  9. frost91

    Ch Natural Coals For Trade 3 Boxes

    ill trade u 2 packs of mizo nakhla guava nd mint or peach or grape!
  10. new hookahforum doesnt feel as homey as the old one does :(

  11. frost91

    Some Good Diffuser

    yup it does. well if you get a strainer that has thicker wires
  12. frost91

    Some Good Diffuser

    yup it does. well if you get a strainer that has thicker wires
  13. taking the wired gauze from a metal strainer, making it bigger than the diameter of your downstem and just shove it in. it works like a charm!
  14. frost91

    Epic Night....

    agreed. im still up now and i cant really feel my arms ahahha they are numb. good idea..bad idea...this was a terrible idea
  15. i was in my friends 05 civic in college smoking out of his mz and using 3 kings. started packing up and dropped 3 pieces of 3k ql on his seat. still there today LOL