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  1. ender11122

    Bowl + Windscreen Combo

    QUOTE (roadie @ Jun 14 2008, 02:24 PM) QUOTE (txhookahman @ May 4 2007, 03:20 PM) I praise whoever thought up the design for the combo/wind cover bowl! My friends always cover the coal with like 7 inches tall of aluminum foil! This thing is an amazing creation. What do you think about it? [attachment=288:windcoverbowl.gif] I seem to be in the minority, but it's the only bowl I use. I tend to only smoke about 30-40 minutes at a time. I wanted to find a way to just sit back and relax, and not have to move or rotate the coal. (I'm lazy ). I basically only use this bowl with about a teaspoon or so of shisha (a full bowl is NOT needed), and place it low, as far down away from the foil so it doesn't burn. I poke the foil (don't use the screen with the combo. bowl) in a circular pattern across the entire foil, and place one unbroken square of coal on top, making sure that it's completely ashed over. It's never harsh, lasts a good 30-40 minutes, the temp is regulated by the cover, and I never have to move the coal, it burns (or I should say "cooks") the shisha evenly. Works for me. I've found for me, the harshness would always come from the shisha getting burned instead of cooking due to being too close to the foil. With using minimal tobacco, keeping it low away from the foil, you don't have to worry about it getting too hot, and the wind cover combo takes care of the temp. fluctuation issue. My .02. Agreed here. Its easy, uses very little coal/shisha. Great for solo smoking for short periods of time.
  2. ender11122


    Great communication from annual and a great deal on a pristine hookah. Thanks much!
  3. ender11122

    Some Extree Tobakee

    Everything is gone. Please move to completed section. Thanks!
  4. ender11122

    Some Extree Tobakee

    1 and 3 are gone. Thanks tiny
  5. ender11122

    Some Extree Tobakee

    I have a few tins of various flavors I bought to try and have just sat here for a few weeks now without really being touched. I'll try to guestimate the weight as much as possible. Asking for shisha in trade or just pay the cost of shipping plus a couple bucks. Here is what I have: 1)Nakhla Strawberry, still 99% of the 250g jar. 2)AF Pineapple, still 90% of the 250g tub 3) Tangiers Horchata, still 90% of the 250g. 4) Starbuzz X on the Beach, maybe 50-100g left. 5) Starbuzz Royal Grape, 200g or so.
  6. ender11122

    Questions Concerning Rust.

    If you clean it that often you actually increase ur chances to get rust . But better to clean than not to clean
  7. ender11122

    Fun Breakfast Mix

    QUOTE (hookah hippie @ Jul 17 2008, 12:43 PM) you could throw some banana in and have it apple jacks with bananas and then some turkish coffeee and its breakfast not so sure about the ENTIRE breakfast thing yes it does taste just like applejacks
  8. APPLEJACKS! 1 part lucid horchata on the bottom 2 parts fumari double apple on top mmmmmm, tasty.
  9. ender11122

    Obama Or Mccain?

    Yes the country is heading down the wrong path, no mccain will not change that. Will Obama bring change? Yes, but only change to another wrong path. 2 party system FTL. Pick your poison cuz whoever u vote for the next 4 years are gonna be just as bad as the last. Personally, im voting independent. I'd rather make my vote count towards a growing movement away from a bipartisan system than wasted on a candidate I don't support.
  10. ender11122

    Hookah Accessories

    Heba Diffuser I picked one up when they finally came back in stock. I love it. Tiny bubbles, like the song! And so much quieter. 9/10 -1 pt cuz u could probably make one on ur own. I tried but this one is 10x better.
  11. does the same method work for lucid? I've been underpacking lucid and it tastes good, but can it taste better?
  12. i would think it wouldnt go bad or absorb ANY flavor like traditional hookahs. plus it will look badass!
  13. ender11122


    AF Grape Im not even gonna review this. Smelled like ketchup-ass, tasted like ketchup-ass. Smoke was OK but I almost gagged after smelling it for 30 minutes. I tossed it. It was a 50g box marked March 2008. Smoked once in my ultimate combo once in a small funnel w/mod. Both times tasted terrible.
  14. ender11122

    Orange Cream

    Fumari Orange Cream Set Up Hookah - Brass Knockoff Bowl - Ultimate Combo Bowl Coal - 1 Coco with windcover, 2 after it gets started up Appearance - Good and wet, very few stems Smell - Like Chocolate something Flavor - Fantastic, but nothing like orange. More chocolate with a hint of some fruit (maybe orange?) Smoke - Good fumari clouds, never disappointed with this brand. Buzz - minimal Duration- 45-hour Overall and Last(ing) Impressions - Fumari has some duds, but this is not one of them. Flavor accuracy is WAAAY of but damn, its still fantastic Overall Rating: 9/10 Pros: Great packaging Great Flavor Good smoke Cons: Price Flavor Accuracy