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  1. The length of the stem that is submerged matters but it would have to increase dramatically for you to notice a difference. Remember that you only have to supply enough pressure differential to suck smoke through the stem - the buoyancy does all the work after that. So once you supply that initial differential, the volume your lungs expand = the volume of the pull, if your base is setup right you'll get a totally equal amount of smoke for the volume you inhale, unless you completely fill your vase.
  2. nmacholl

    Shisha Session Chillout Tunes

    Not a bad CD, I'm with Big Boss though, it's not my style. Kinda off the Arab subject but the band "Yndi Halda" is pretty kick ass to smoke too - It's instrumental rock. I'm sure your internets can find it it you're interested.
  3. nmacholl

    Is My Tangiers Ready?

    I tried the Red Tea flavor just now, the tickling was gone. I really packed it in there - however the flavor was awful. Gonna repack the melon blend again right now and report back. lol, so if anyone on the NW side of chicago wants like ~200g of Red Tea Tangiers let me know.
  4. nmacholl


    Lots of ice in your bowl helps, the idea is to condense the metals in the smoke by cooling them, forming chains of metallic compounds.
  5. nmacholl

    Is My Tangiers Ready?

    I got it from HS. Tangier's Melon Blend no. 9
  6. nmacholl

    Is My Tangiers Ready?

    Just got done cleaning my hookah vigorously! Gonna pack my phunnel after dinner. UPDATE: I packed a bowl of the melon blend. It smokes well, but it tickles the back of my throat a bit - I suppose this is a sign that it's not fully acclimated. It's still really yummy though!
  7. I just got some tangiers shisha today - Red Tea, Melon Blend, and Schnozzberry. This is my first time using tangiers, I spread it out over wax paper for about 5 hours now to acclimate it. The anticipation is killing me so my question is this... If the shisha smells so good I want to eat it - is it ready to smoke?
  8. nmacholl

    Tea Strainers

    QUOTE (chsajid @ Jun 18 2008, 08:46 AM) I just add a lot of Ice to my base, my base neck is big, adding fruit is waste of food i believe. It actually does add some flavor. Like smoking a cola shisha with cola in the bowl is heavenly. Anyways, I usually stay away from fruits, tea is the way to go in my opinion...with lots of ice.
  9. A tastefull naked lady, maybe all glass.
  10. nmacholl

    Battlestar Galactica

    QUOTE (Big Boss @ Jun 13 2008, 10:57 PM) The only episode of BG I've seen is the first episode... it didn't really do anything for me. You gotta watch the made for TV movie that started the series. The first episode is the 33 minutes one I believe, where the Galactica has to jump every 33 minutes because thats how long it takes the Cylons to find them; but if you didn't like the first episode, you might not like the move.
  11. nmacholl

    Battlestar Galactica

    Just finnished watching the last episode of this half the season. I'm quite impressed, but now Im aching that I'll have to wait some lengthy period of time to finnish the saga forever. It's literally going to kill me.
  12. nmacholl

    Tangiers Help!

    Mantra of hookah smoking. Too harsh, less heat. No smoke, more heat.
  13. nmacholl

    Login Troubles

    I solved it! Diabled my google web accelerator and that did the trick.
  14. nmacholl

    Login Troubles

    Hello, I'm fairly new but lately my account has been acting strange. I have to go through 10+ login attempts to finally access my account. Even then I can browse maybe 2-4 pages and I get logged off again. Additionally I become logged out if I use the shoutbox. I've closed my firewall, reset my cookies, restarted my router, computer, and modem. I've also tried using Internet Explorer...eww Just wondering if there was any particular known issue, this never happens on any of the other forums I frequent.
  15. nmacholl

    When Size Does Matter

    Hey folks! This how to thread is pretty basic, but I thought I'd share my experiance anyways. I own a small modern hookah and have slowly been buying up new accessories for it, to make it unique you know! So I recently bought a new vase, problem is when it arrived that it's shape and size didn't match my small stem at all. I need to find a way to increase the downstem length and increase the grommet's diameter by a hair. So I took a trip to the hardware store and brought my stem along. In the plumbing section I made a dreadfull discovery that my downstem was too high a gauge and there were no copper compression fittings for it - and that's why god made flexible tubing! I picked up the smallest portion of 1/2 inch braided vinyl tubing and a compression clamp and headed home. Using a multitool I widdled the tube a slightly wider opening to fit the higher gauge stem into it. I then measured out the exact amount I needed and cut it. I was so delighted to have solved downstem length problem I almost forgot about the grommet! Anyways, a few strips of electrical tape around the grommet made a surprisingly tight seal and the hookah can safely be picked up by the stem (if you really needed too!). Here's the whole thing together and a picture of my hookah as of today. So that it, how I got my small modern hookah stem to fit into a larger vase for a unique look (that matches the hoses most of all!).