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    Indiana Smokers In

    I live in kokomo, indiana
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    Decent Record Of Many Genre

    The cd 'Alopecia' by the band Why? is a treat for listeners of any persuasion. I'm not normally outspoken about any certain artist, but this record is so well paced, the songs all so different, it's definetly worth a listen.
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    Inhale Brand Hookah

    QUOTE (click @ May 20 2008, 05:33 PM) My sister got one of those as a gift too. I only tried it once, but couldn't get it going like my MYA. But maybe that what just my fault. the smoke isn't thick at all. i tried everything listed on the forums for maximum smoke density. i just don't think the thing is sealed really well. if i cover up the bowl and suck through the hose, these's definite air loss there. on a side note: has anyone ever vaporized shisha? like with a california vapor or like hot air vaporizer? i use chamomile in mine and i go right to sleep. it's a miracle. i want to taste the shisha through it, but i don't want to gunk it up. any ideas?
  4. bshappell

    Inhale Brand Hookah

    QUOTE (chromecarz00 @ May 20 2008, 05:11 PM) If thats plastic its cheap. if its glass its decent. but you did get ripped. it's glass, but the stem IS cheap as hell. she got it as a gift, and it's her FAVORITE color, so she loves it. i'm out for a mya myself...
  5. My girl recently received an INHALE brand hookah, but i can't find any information on the thing. It was around $70.00 US for the whole setup, with three packs of Nakhla shisha. The build is pretty solid, the base especially. Anyone else used one of these guys?
  6. bshappell

    My First Hookah Purchase

    QUOTE (NickReppinThe909 @ May 20 2008, 03:27 PM) http://www.hookahforum.com/?showtopic=10119 d'oh, i didn't catch that one. sorry guys for the repeat topic.
  7. Hi everyone! My name is Brennan and I'm new to these forums. I have been in the market for a first time hookah for quite some time now, but the myriad of sites, brands, and prices has somehwat overwhelmed me. After reading some articles and posts on this site, Mya and KM hookahs seem to be fan favorites. I really have been looking through some of the more popular vendors this site recommends (got hookah and hookah shisha) and really can't come to a decision. I want a single hose hookah (i've really been warming up to the mya brand) that comes in a package deal. As i will be transporting the hookah to various places, so a hardcase is a must. I also would prefer to pay one price for everything to get started, then buy extras as i get more experienced. My girlfriend just got an inhale brand hookah for her birthday, but i wasn't really impressed by the smoking experience. I want a hookah with longetivity; something i won't want to replace when I get more experienced. To sum it up: What (in your educated opinions) is the best online retailer in the states? I live in kokomo indiana and NOWHERE around here sells hookahs, so it has to be from an online store. What is a good single hose hookah brand that I won't regret purchasing a year down the road due to sub-par build quality? I look to spend around 150.00USD total for the package. To the uneducated hookah smoker, the sheer volume of retailers, brands, and styles available is really hard to navigate through and find the best deal. I really appreciate your responses, and hope to make this forum my one stop for hookah education. Cheers to all!