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  1. Saechao_07

    Wtb: Tangiers Pico And Or Small Bowls

    bump im also looking for a pico lol  5starhookah is not in stock for the pico  :(​ 
  2. Syrian Chiller or Km zankiy Chiller...

  3. Saechao_07

    Microsoft Or Linux

    Windows because its all i know.
  4. Banned Vendor i just saw ur new video Doller tree containers ftw

  5. yay i hope u get it maybe i will need to get a new vase and bowl then
  6. Sell me a chiller ?

  7. [size="2"]Damn i been looking for km chillers not the 2010 models those look kinda bootleg i like the Older ones a lot tho. [/size] [size="4"]Do you know a vendor who sell them at a good price.[/size] [size="5"]IM NOT GOING TO PAY $120+ for one. [/size] [size="6"]Do you know anyone who is trying to sell/trade one?[/size]
  8. Saechao_07

    Wow...km 2010 Chiller

    Old ass guys look like they dident get out of the college stage rofl or 30 year old virgins.
  9. Saechao_07

    Nib 34" Km Ice - $75 + Shipping

    If ur not trying to sell it what are you trying to get out of it ?
  10. Saechao_07

    Fs/Ft Votex Bowl & Phunnel Bowl.

    bump bump it up
  11. Saechao_07

    Nib 34" Km Ice - $75 + Shipping

    Used or not i have a deal if no one goes through.
  12. Saechao_07

    Fs: Km Og Trimetal, And 36" Large Solid Af Hookah

    Oooo, sounds like a good deal gl with sale im trying to get a km with chiller.
  13. Saechao_07

    9 Types Of Nakhla?

    they are all good its all that matters
  14. I myself have seen this in my recent 5 250g of nak. I think its just a fatt stem from the plant