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  1. QUOTE (NarghileNights @ Aug 18 2008, 09:31 AM) QUOTE (Bulldog_916 @ Aug 18 2008, 10:01 AM) Stop smoking fumari and romman. Switch to AF or Tangiers or Al Waha or even Nakhla. The four I listed have generally been in good standing. Flavor is amazing. fumari/starbuzz are generally the highest in flavor for "newer" smokers having a hard time getting things working. good choice on the fumari coals - my favorite also. Just try adding a bit of milk to enhance the flavor. Anything BUT whole milk is fine.
  2. mya2323

    Making Shisha

    QUOTE (duckhater @ Aug 19 2008, 06:23 AM) QUOTE (sss8789 @ Aug 19 2008, 02:32 AM) I was watching Good Eats and he made a thick pomegranate syrup, it was like molasses, and I was wandering if you could use that to make shisha (including glycerin)... good idea or bad? Alton Brown is the shizzzzz....IDK about pomegranate, something tells me that if they haven't come up with it yet there's a reason...but give it a go, start a new trend Ummm...I have pomegranate shisha.... lol it's alright
  3. That doesn't look like it'd give much smoke at all....
  4. mya2323

    Thick Smoke Help

    Yeah put more coals than you're use to, I use double foil though so that it doesn't burn the stuff... Also your hookah has alot to do with it too. My mya, from testimonies of others, starts gathering smoke immediately, verses a cheapo hookah....I don't know why, but that's what they said. Also, sometimes the best smoke is in the middle of the session...so remember that as well!
  5. mya2323

    Inhaling Smoke

    That poll doesn't answer the question you're posing. You're asking how do you smoke your hookah? And obviously the options you have don't reflect that.
  6. mya2323

    On The Go Hookah Coal

    But the Japanese coals are sooo good compared to quick lite...I've learned well...even though the gun powder looks sweet when it sparks...it's definitely not good in your lungs...
  7. mya2323

    Your Takes On Reality Tv?

    I like documentary type reality shows... "Dirty Jobs" "Cops"... When it comes to game shows, I think they just get more and more corrupt as time goes on... How do you get from cops, to survivor, to the bachelor, to Flavor Flav...then to a shot with tila tequila? I mean seriously...what's wrong with our society....
  8. mya2323

    Redbull Shisha?!?!?

    Yeah I just barely heard of it today on the forum, I'll be looking into it...
  9. mya2323

    Redbull Shisha?!?!?

    It's called Smoke-em or something, not a big selection... but I'll find out for you when I head over to find Starbuzz The biggest selection I've found so far is the one by the Starbucks on University and....? it's like west of Mill ave...totally forgot.... the guy who owns that also owns the H-B place, which is one of my favorite hookah bars Okay so trying the Red BULL AGAIN...lol my roommies requested I had a hookah virgin here and he liked it better than the Pomegranate, I used double foil this time with a lil milk, so so far it's been better.... quick buzz which is good...it's just so juicy that some of it goes into the hookah...
  10. I'll most likely do Blue Mist... only because some guy on here says X on the Beach tastes like lotion after awhile, lol, no one said anything bad about blue mist
  11. mya2323

    My Latest Sb Purchase...

    What's your favorite flavor?
  12. ummm...it's purple... lol how come no one said this??? lol I'm kidding... ok no I'm not lol
  13. I took my hookah to a party the other day and one guy had a cheapo hookah and he practically said that his tasted like crap compared to mine... I had a mya... I knew the owner of a hookah lounge...and he recommended the MYA because it's the most durable and longest lasting... Yeah you can buy 3 or 4 Hyundai's or Kias but why not just by a really nice car that lasts even longer? And runs better? You get what you pay for
  14. mya2323

    Arizona Smokers Az

    Chandler, AZ
  15. mya2323

    Redbull Shisha?!?!?

    QUOTE (Jeff_T @ May 20 2008, 01:24 AM) I put a post in the group sampler buy about this. I would def. want to try this though, I love the taste of RB. How much was this mya, also did you get a 50 or a 250 of it? And, would you be will to buy some and ship it, or is it worth it? I just loaded the hookah again with Red Bull...it's really not good...I think I got buzzed off of it really quickly because I didn't have anything to eat. The shisha is chunky so you don't get alot in your bowl and it burns really quickly... so yeah not worth it.... I bought it for 10... kinda sucks...I guess cool for the fact that it is Red Bull...