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  1. QUOTE the price will not increase by the same percentage as the tariffs do. so you will see a price increase, it should not be a 400 percent one though. true, I belive the aprox increse on cigarettes is around 40% that said.... WTF; I smoke cigarettes too, god damn goverment...
  2. just a little update: I left the cola AF out for a little while and now it smells alot more like cola than before, it still tastes absolutely terrible though; guess I just got a bad batch
  3. stuyvo

    Al Fakher Grape

    I had some bad cola recently, my tub of grape from november 07 is good, its my fav but im scared of buying another for fear of the ketchup!
  4. stuyvo

    Show Off Your Rides

    im incredibly jealous of that golf r32, not many of those made it into australia but I saw one on the freeway today.... HOT. I had a suzuki swift GTi for a while there... now I drive.... and the project in the works (cafe racer build)
  5. the first time I opened the packet and grabbed random fingers full to fill the bowl, the second time I stirred it all up, i'l try mixxing it up again then leaving it sit though.
  6. I bought a 250g tub of al fakher cola after reading reviews, I was realy excited as I love cola lollies and cola in general so I had high hopes it might be a new favorate flavor of mine (currently im only smoking al fakher grape from before the recipy went bad) this stuff tastes HORRIBLE, like realy bad; I am fairly noob but havent had problems getting good flavor/smoke from anything iv tried before (mostly al waha double apple, random grape, al fakher grape) but it just tastes like dirt with a faint taste of an open coke can left out for a few days. the actual tobacco has very little smell, has a slight silicone and a extremely slight cola smell (realy realy faint, gotta put your nose into the sealed bag to smell it) im guessing this isnt normal and iv got a bad batch? the top of the tub is marked "PRO MAR 2008 / EXP MAR 2010" so im guessing its only recently been manafactured. anyone had a similar experience? iv tried the tobacco both today and yesterday (both with different coals that iv had good results with) todays setup was my eclair hookah (probably not the best but I do get good smoke out of it especialy compared to my old "king hookah" piece of junk) & 1 "easy light" natural coal
  7. biggest priorities for me would be comfortable lounges or even just large pillow type things on the ground and good quality hookah/tobacco. releaxed atmosphere would definately be a +, acoustic or regae/arabic stuff with dim lights.... mmm.
  8. sounds like I should get another box, they were only $2.65 for a box of 96 :S i'l try them on the gas burner tonight.
  9. fair enough; well I tried to light one of these with a lighter but even after quite a while it wouldnt lite, I left it on my ash tray and completely forgot about it.... later in the day I came back and it had completely burned out haha. should I be heating these up with the oven or something?
  10. fair enough, i'l give em a shot; i'd just never seen coals for hookah covered in silver stuff... wasn't sure if they were intended for another purpose haha.
  11. I got some el cheapo coals from a local shop when I got some Al Fakhir cola as they didnt have anything else, the box just reads "Easy-Lite" and some arabic writing "54charcoal tablets". their covered in silver stuff though, generaly my quicklights are just black, are these safe to use or are they designed for things other than hookah?
  12. stuyvo

    Body Adornment

    have fun stretching, just remember to use lots of lube i had my ears initialy pierced at 8g then stretched to 6g in the same sitting, somewhat recently I took them out and they healed up but you can still see dimples.
  13. stuyvo

    Hanzel Und Gretyl

    I love Hanzel Und Gretyl, doubt we'l ever seem in australia tho; im heaps jealous!
  14. nothing overly funny... but sometimes I make my gf laugh when shes pulling and she hits me
  15. depending on price im most definately intrested in this. its about time someone has done it, no more worying about rust either.