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  1. filmigeek

    Mya Bambino Versus Qt

    Is there a difference between the Bambino or QT, and the Mya Piccolo line? I have this Mya Piccolo Gelato and I LOVE it: Very solid little hookah, well made, smokes great, easy to clean, easy to cart around.
  2. filmigeek

    Your Favorite?

    QUOTE (Hippo_Master @ Jan 17 2009, 09:01 PM) Seven Spice! Who makes Seven Spice? Sounds delicious. My current favorites are AF Double Apple, any brand of Rose, and Nakhla Cinnamon. Just tried AF Jasmine for the first time and loved it - very delicate flavor.
  3. I've been smoking hookah since June of last year, and I only ever used quick-lites - mostly Three Kings. They work fine. On a whim I ordered a box of Coco Naras. I am a total convert! The difference is outstanding. They burn much cleaner, much less ash and smell, and I never burn shisha any more. I still sometimes switch back to quick-lites after the first round of Cocos goes out, because the Cocos are a bit of a pain to light and I am lazy. But wow, what a difference. Coco Naras FTW! I encourage everyone using quick lites to give these a try.
  4. filmigeek

    A Good Session!

    QUOTE (Santino @ Jan 10 2009, 04:50 PM) Take some AF and add a liter of glycerin, and you pretty much have Starbuzz, just better. Huh, I have found AF much wetter than Starbuzz. I've only tried one Starbuzz flavor, rose, and I really liked it - very intense flavor. My only complaint about Starbuzz (other than the price) is that it doesn't recover from burning as well as AF does. (I am impatient and tend to overheat my hookah at the beginning to get it going. )
  5. filmigeek

    Official Hookah Picture Thread

    Frankenhookah, pieced together from parts of a Magdy Zidan and some other random replacement parts:
  6. filmigeek

    Still Around, Still Smoking

    Thanks fellas. I think rose is a love-it-or-hate-it flavor. For me it's full of awesome and win. Hm ... what to smoke tonight? hm ...
  7. Hey folks, just wanted to say hi since I haven't posted in a while. I posted a bit last summer when I was first starting to learn about hookah. I'm still around and I'm still smoking. I have a Mya Piccolo Gelato that I love and a full-size hookah pieced together out of a broken Magdy Zidan and some other random parts. I mostly smoke Al Fakher and Nakhla, and my favorite flavors are rose, apple, lemon, cinnamon, and cardamom. Much to my surprise my husband smokes with me and likes it almost as much as I do. So there's the full update, I'll be lurking around and chiming in from time to time. Good to see you all again.
  8. filmigeek

    Curious About Flavors

    I just got my AF Cardamom too and will also try it this weekend. Am looking forward to it. I also go AF Caffe Latte for the first time - now there is an interesting flavor. I would not say it was very coffee-like; the dominant flavor was perhaps vanilla, and it tasted more like pipe smoke than anything else.
  9. filmigeek

    I Just Bought ...

    QUOTE (filmigeek @ Jul 30 2008, 04:21 PM) ...so I caved and placed an order today for: Al Fakher Cardamom Al Fakher Grenadine Al Fakher Orange Ah well, they were out of the Grenadine so I am getting some AF Caffe Latte instead. I've never had a coffee flavor, should be interesting. I wonder ... a mixture of Caffe Latte and Cardamom could be like a Turkish coffee flavor ...
  10. filmigeek

    Seeking Small Hookah

    I have the Mya Piccolo and I love! it.
  11. filmigeek

    Massachusetts Smokers Ma

    Live in Brookline, work in Cambridge. Often spend weekends near Great Barrington.
  12. filmigeek

    I Just Bought ...

    keep em coming, folks - it's cool to see what everyone's buying. As an aside - my husband has been away for two weeks and he's coming back tonight. Last night when I told him about all the new shisha I picked up he said "it will be fun to sit down this weekend and smoke some of that." I have won him over ...
  13. There may already be a thread like this but my quick scan didn't spot it. I'm psyched about my most recent order - but instead of starting a thread just about that I thought I'd start a general thread where everyone can just come in and tell the world what you just picked up. Last weekend I visited my local Armenian grocery and picked up a box of Nakhla cherry and a box of Nakhla margarita. The latter was an accident - I thought I had cardamom in my hand. I don't really like the margarita, and it was bugging me that I still didn't have a cardamom shisha, and I was still feeling a bit bored with the flavors I did have, so I caved and placed an order today for: Al Fakher Cardamom Al Fakher Grenadine Al Fakher Orange What about you - what did you just buy? Shisha, equipment, anything.
  14. filmigeek

    Nakhla Margarita

    Thanks again for the advice fellas. This forum rocks. Yeah, it's sticky all the way through - when I say dry, I am comparing it to the super-juicy Al Fakher tubs I've had. I'll definitely try it again before I give up. I'm still learning but one thing I have already learned is that different brands respond to heat very differently and it takes a couple of tries for me to get the hang of how to smoke a new brand.
  15. filmigeek

    Getting Ill From Af

    Okay I am a noob so take this for what it is worth but: in my limited experience, AF in 50g packs is much dryer and not nearly as good as AF in 250g tubs. I have a 250g tub of AF cinammon and it is very, very juicy - I packed my bowl the other night and let it stand for about two minutes while I lit a coal, and when I came back some juice had run through the holes down the neck of the bowl and on to the counter. That's how juicy the stuff is. So if yours was dry there is definitely something different going on. The other 250g tub of AF I have, which is lemon, is also very juicy. But the 50g packs of AF I have tried, in about half a dozen flavors, are just not as juicy and don't give the same big flavor when I smoke them. It's not a coincidence, I think, that the cinammon and lemon are may favorite flavors, and the only flavors I have tried in 250g tubs.