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  1. i read the post about the km shop in riyadh. do you remember the address? i would be interested in that, thanks.

  2. dang, thats no fun... well, compliments on the tray, it really matches the handmade style kms
  3. where did the ash tray come from on the tri metal? ive been looking around to find one. was it standard about a year or 2 ago, then they switched to the stamped tray, or did you get it somewhere else?
  4. you could just buy a km rotator. but i dont know if you can get them anywhere on the internet.
  5. yeah, thats an indian "mobile" hookah... kind of like the leila. they use those in cars and stuff.
  6. ALI

    Buzz Maker!

    i think tobacco has to be approved by the gov. maybe i would try it if it were proven legally to be safe. no offense saying i wouldnt trust you or something, but the fact is i dont know you, and its always hard to just trust someone you dont know, no matter how honest they may be.
  7. thanks, guys. if you ever go to another country in that area, you will always be able to find original stuff. km rotators are very common. next time i go somewhere, im definetely going to buy a lot more. i also got one that a persian guy sold to me and said it was a km, at the time i didnt know much about them, im not sure if it really is, now, it seems like the bottom half and down stem is, but not the top where it is usually stamped, it says khalil mamoon in arabic, but looks hand engraved or something, very cheap, maybe ill post some pics to see what you guys think.
  8. woops, i think thats the same side twice, but theres no major difference, just the order of the words.
  9. This is a KM i picked up while in Dubai, i thought id post and see what you guys think of it, does it look good to you guys? i havent smoked from it yet. Heres the Ash Tray This side says "Ma'asil", "Khalil Mamoon", "Al Shisha" This side Says "Al Shisha", "Khalil Mamoon", then "Khalil Mamoon" again Hope you guys like it, ive never seen another like this one. its like an advertisement or something
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    km ash

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    Km from Dubai
  14. yeah, ive seen many of these in several countries. they are mainly just decorations for tourists wanting something that looks exotic. a lot of the time, the downstem doesnt even go half way in the base. they are no good, and have many leaks. if you want to smoke, the only thing to use is a "shisha", no traditional hookahs or anything...although the "huqqa" is good if you like to get dizzy. i think the bamboo ads to making it stronger, but it gets flavor stained easy, and is a hassle to clean.
  15. ive been waiting to get a triple pear since may, and as far as i know, it has not said in stock since then, which is when i first saw it. i dont know, maybe if you call, you can ask them when theyll get them, i called and they said a couple months, but that was back in may.