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  1. jezter6

    Www.hookahset.com Official Thread.

    Another pretty good experience. Ordered Tuesday, got here today. The only thing was I got Lucid orange soda instead of regular, but I'm anxious to see how well it smokes since I've never hard lucid before. Otherwise, great service as usual!
  2. jezter6

    Hookah Forum Is Dying

    I know it's been said above, but as someone who's been around for 2 years or so, I'll call it as I sees it. 1) Summer slowdown is normal. We'll get a HUGE influx of n00bs come late Aug/Sept as college kids see their first hookah lounge and come looking. This late summer n00b time is sometimes unbearable as we get 1000 of the same old questions, all from the usual n00b which is someone 18-22 young'ns (yes, I'm 30+). 2) There are always cliques here. Noobs come in droves, and as they get to know each other, they tend to gang up and form little chat cliques and yes, they have tons of inside jokes. Sometimes, those groups are good, and sometimes those groups tend to alienate other members. I certainly can speak for that experience for me, as a bunch of new people seemed to "take over" the whole forum for a while, so I stopped coming in as much, and only lurked around because I was just tired of seeing the same posts from the same people. 3) Noobs will not search or read wikis. EVER. Any forum, any subject. I go through the same thing on my homebrew forum. The fact is you have to have experienced members willing to answer the same questions over and over again or the threads will die and nobody will come. You need to have a healthy newcomer population as others get busy with life or stop smoking and can't come online as much. However, between cliques and nobody answering n00bs, it'll certainly alienate the culture of the forum and slow down. 4) We're not the other forums. I sorta got swept up in some of it when I was new to smoking, and I don't know what the hell it is with hookah that is different than other forums...but man you people are just dying for free shisha this, discount coupons that. None of my other hobbies have the proliferation of coupons and discounts that hookah does, and when there are other forums out there just trying to draw customers with free crap - people will flock. I happily understood that I liked the culture of this forum more than I liked free crap, and that's why I've stayed here for 2 years. 5) This is the one that bothers me most. There was one clique a bit back that decided to start up vid chatting. It's cool that you want to do that, and I understand this forum doesn't directly offer it...but driving traffic to another site (the vid chat site) takes traffic from this forum and chat room. I don't go to those sites, so therefore I'm out of the clique. 6) Maybe we've run out of things to talk about. The amount of "new" stuff that's happening in hookah recently has gone down quite a bit. 7) End of rant.
  3. jezter6

    "Ground Zero" Mosque?

    Rani, Any chance you can share a link or two about the Hamas connection? So far as I've read, this guy has been relatively silent on Hamas.
  4. jezter6

    "Ground Zero" Mosque?

    Most truth we've seen in this section of the forum in a long time (the whole politicians being the downfall of america bit).
  5. If you find the lawsuits themselves against Taqseem (Tonic), you'll see a ton of them they claim... Like Royal Grape, White Peach, SWEET MELON, guava... I'm wondering how one can trademark a flavor name that's in use in normal use for the actual fruit..?
  6. jezter6

    "Ground Zero" Mosque?

    [quote name='Sapphire' timestamp='1282142325' post='479392'] [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"]Yea, I agree they have the RIGHT to build it there, but its obviously not the SMARTEST place to build it.[/size][/font] [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"]The place will get broken into, spray painted on, and probably burned down SEVERAL times and will end up spending more money just rebuilding the dang thing over and over than if they just put it somewhere else.[/size][/font] [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"]I wonder just how many people would actually attend , knowing just how dangerous it would be to even be seen around the place.[/size][/font] [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"]I say, if they really want to take that battle on….let em. America gives us the right to be stupid.[/size][/font] [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"] [/size][/font] [/quote] They'll probably just hire those new black panther types from Philly to provide "security" for the place. They apparently can do no wrong.
  7. [quote name='Rani' date='29 July 2010 - 12:21 AM' timestamp='1280380867' post='476913'] [ Funny though I haven't heard anything about actually raising taxes. All I've heard is allowing the tax break to expire, which impacts mostly the wealthy. Which means if you're so dramatically against it, you must be very wealthy, right? So when are you buying the bar for us all? 'Rani [/quote] How is letting tax breaks expire vs raising taxes anything but semantics in the end? All it does is give him an excuse to hide from blame, and apparently it works. In the end, if he doesn't extend the tax cuts, they will go up for many people. Me included, and I'm by no means "rich." But my end tax liability goes up almost $1k (I think it was $944) a year.
  8. jezter6

    Www.hookahset.com Official Thread.

    Just got my order in, and after all the messed up orders, this one came QUICK, PERFECT, and packed wonderfully. Thanks guys! Looks like things are quite improved in the last few months and I am much appreciative of those efforts.
  9. jezter6


    [quote name='joytron' date='04 July 2010 - 06:30 PM' timestamp='1278286200' post='473986'] [ Quote:If George W. Bush had proposed to double the national debt, which had taken more than two centuries to accumulate, in one year, would you have approved?Well...Bush DID double the national debt....and I've yet to see Obama propose to do any such thing. [/quote] Wow. This is exactly why I love debating with Obama lovers. Bush did deficit spending for most of his time in office. That is true. Obama's LOWEST yearly deficit spending plan is more than the highest Bush year. You do realize that between the bailouts approved under the Obama watch, and the Recovery act, etc, etc....that FIRST year of deficit spending is about equal to ALL 8 years of Bush deficit spending. Obama year 1 = 8 years of Bush. If you didn't "see" Obama spending money, then maybe you can take your Obama blinders off. http://www.google.com/images?q=national+deficit+graph&um=1&hl=en&safe=off&tbs=isch:1&ei=ewoyTKGPCcOAlAe-xui_Cw&sa=N&start=20&ndsp=20
  10. jezter6

    Www.hookahset.com Official Thread.

    something wrong with the site? I tried 2 credit cards last night (both of which work fine other places) and both failed to go through.
  11. [quote name='GMofOLC' date='23 June 2010 - 05:35 PM' timestamp='1277332551' post='472636'] [quote name='jezter6' date='23 June 2010 - 09:53 AM' timestamp='1277308409' post='472593'] bloody amazing. I've wanted to get some good hookah art for framing, and this kind of stuff looks great. Any chance you'd be willing to give me (or sell me fairly cheaply) a full quality photo or two that I can get printed and framed? [/quote] If I did that I'd want to do some retouching to it first. I made some wallpaper sizes too, still haven't had time to go through the rest of them yet though. [url="http://www.gmofolc.com/Experimental/Hookah-First/1-1680x1050/910524194_Ux4qu-O.jpg"]1680x1050[/url] [url="http://www.gmofolc.com/Experimental/Hookah-First/1-1920x1080/910524354_memPA-O.jpg"]1920x1080[/url] [/quote] Well, if you continue to do some hookah pics and would be willing to let me get them printed for my own personal use, please drop me a PM.
  12. bloody amazing. I've wanted to get some good hookah art for framing, and this kind of stuff looks great. Any chance you'd be willing to give me (or sell me fairly cheaply) a full quality photo or two that I can get printed and framed?
  13. [quote name='acolorado' date='07 June 2010 - 12:56 AM' timestamp='1275890165' post='470932'] You may have a difficult time understanding that when the policies enacted by the Republican party failed this country miserably, leading us into the worst economic downturn since the great depression, getting us stuck in two endless wars, and spending trillions we didn't need to, a great many people decided that the Democrats - who have been far more honest and competent than the R's were on all accounts in the opinion of many - are a much better choice. [/quote] Do you really expect anyone on the other side of the debate to even bother with basic party rhetoric like that? I was hoping you had a legit opinion, but apparently I was incorrect in that assumption. [quote name='acolorado' date='07 June 2010 - 12:56 AM' timestamp='1275890165' post='470932'] Rather than trying to insinuate that I'm being dishonest here -which you are - perhaps you would take a moment to remember that not everyone will uncritically support failure. Some people will actually decide to try something different, and when it gives better results, they'll stick with it. [quote] If the almighty Democratic party of the United States was oh-so-great, and your statement is true - we wouldn't have had a single Republican president since Kennedy. I'm guessing that one or both of your above statements is incorrect. [quote name='acolorado' date='07 June 2010 - 12:56 AM' timestamp='1275890165' post='470932'] Many of the Republican positions which I used to support sounded great but just didn't work out. Tax cuts don't stimulate the economy - they just lead to budget crises. [/quote] Interesting, the JOINT Economic Committee of congress seems to disagree with you there. http://www.house.gov/jec/fiscal/tx-grwth/reagtxct/reagtxct.htm Under Reagan era tax cuts, government revenue actually increased over time, in spite of a recession. And typical of Liberal Democratic plans, the "top 1%" got screwed in the starfish more and the rest of the citizens won out quite well. In the midst of a recession. [quote name='acolorado' date='07 June 2010 - 12:56 AM' timestamp='1275890165' post='470932'] Having fewer gun restrictions doesn't reduce crime - it just turns what could have been assaults into murders. [/quote] Talking points much? Where's your FACTS to back this one up? A Harvard study in (IIRC) 2007 seems to think otherwise. http://www.law.harvard.edu/students/orgs/jlpp/Vol30_No2_KatesMauseronline.pdf Of course, since you got your "news" from Maddow, please link me to her talking points on the subject. [quote name='acolorado' date='07 June 2010 - 12:56 AM' timestamp='1275890165' post='470932'] High levels of military spending don't make us safer - it only creates the incentive to get involved in unnecessary and expensive wars. [/quote] We'll have to see, but as far as I can tell, we were in more wars 1940-1980 than we have been 1981-present. Now, there's a 10 year shortage there, so we'll have to see what comes of the next decade. [quote name='acolorado' date='07 June 2010 - 12:56 AM' timestamp='1275890165' post='470932'] Fiscal responsibility is something I believe in - which is why I don't support Republicans anymore - they don't practice it. [/quote] Nobody in current government practices it. You think your precious Dems haven't spent the crap out of the last 2 years? PUHLEASE. I like how tax cuts don't work, but spending TRILLIONS does. Both cases result in the federal government having less money, one's just pushed by the Dems, so you're drinking the kool-aid like you're in the Sahara... [quote name='acolorado' date='07 June 2010 - 12:56 AM' timestamp='1275890165' post='470932'] The ideas which used to sound terrific to me and which I supported just never produced the results which conservatives claimed they would. So rather than blindly continue to support those obvious failures - I did what any rational and thinking human being will - I admitted to myself that they didn't work and started looking for someone with better ideas. [/quote] At least I'll give you credit for trying to do something about it. Too bad you went right to the SAME turdballs that got us into this mess...the big 2 parties that think money is printed by the government or something. Oh wait, it is... [quote name='acolorado' date='07 June 2010 - 12:56 AM' timestamp='1275890165' post='470932'] It was easy to find them too. [/quote] Wow. Just wow. [quote name='acolorado' date='07 June 2010 - 12:56 AM' timestamp='1275890165' post='470932'] To give you an analogy. If I buy a car from Ford and one month later it's broken down 5 times, I don't need 5 years to decide Ford is not the right place to buy a car from. I go buy another car, and when it doesn't break down - I love that company. Now if it takes you longer to figure out that something is not working, and not worth supporting, that is not my problem - that is yours. If years of supporting something which doesn't work is "a reasonable amount of time" in your mind before you start to look for something better - well I'll just say I'm glad I don't do it that way.[/quote] Luckily most people have figured out in 2 years what it took many to figure out in 8. However, what you've really done is traded your broken down Ford for a Mazda...not realizing that Ford IS Mazda and it's the same broken crap, just with a Japanese name that is equated with higher quality...even it it's the same garbage. [quote name='acolorado' date='07 June 2010 - 12:56 AM' timestamp='1275890165' post='470932'] Do you know he reduced the deficit by 300 billion since last year, and has pledged to focus on deficit reduction in the next session of congress? [/quote] That's like raising the price of something by 100% and then having a 50% off sale...
  14. Like the title says. I'm coming to Santa Clara on Sunday afternoon and staying until Friday morning. What's good for hookah in and around Santa Clara?
  15. jezter6

    Www.hookahset.com Official Thread.

    Nothing currently happening, the most recent was about a week or two ago. In every case you guys have made it right, and I do appreciate it. I just see these guys where they get everything they want and on time, and I wonder if there's just something about me that makes my orders always get mucked up.