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  1. Important Message

    QUOTE (ZenSilk @ May 21 2008, 12:25 PM) QUOTE (Sariél @ May 21 2008, 12:01 PM) QUOTE (Johnny_D @ May 21 2008, 09:30 AM) Zensilk it goes a little deeper than just 'last post' Not everything is made public, maybe you could just accept the reasoning? When did you start channeling Dick Cheney? "Because I said so" should NEVER be an explanation to anyone above the age of 5. I just want to go on record to say that I think the vendor policy is wrong, and much too strict. I miss the Mya product announcements, and being a cheap lazy bastard, I like hearing about discounts without having to look for them. I also think that hookalife's post was not an attack on the forum, but a rational, logical message explaining why he would not be here anymore and expressing his frustration over what he (and I) think is a misguided policy that hurts the forum. Keep banning topics and vendors, and we're going to end up with a forum full of "Today I ordered 50g of tobacco and a grommet", r1v3th745d's fascination with bodily excretions, and ban notices. Behind the scenes must count for something, else our own mod, Sonthert (dba Tangiers) would be off for lack of participation. Note: I am NOT suggesting his banishment. I also believe that ice buckets work and that when the shisha touches the foil it burns, gets harsh, and makes me cough up a lung. But those deserve their own topics. ... and that women should be put on a pedestal just high enough to see up their skirts. Amen! Ohh yeah amen to the other stuff not about women too. There is no point on voicing opinions unfortunately. I have just come to terms that shit happens, but atleast there's a better community out there. You know, I am new here but I have to say something on this topic because I think the actions of the Mods really shows the true colors of this site. I also agree that the way this was handled was flat out wrong in my opinion; I think the vendor made a valid statement and was focused on not hurting their customers because they did nothing wrong. I agree that there is a much better and more accepting community out there. This site feels elitist to me and while it may offer good information it does not feel as welcoming as other sites. Perhaps it is just me that feels this way but it is how I feel and no one can tell me I am wrong for it. I just wanted to throw my 2 cents out there for what it is worth. It may be completly off base and if I knew more back story I may feel different but as a new member these types of actions do not make me want to stay here. Take care everyone and keep on smoking. I have no ill wishes toward any of the mods or anyone else in this community. Some times bad things happen, but people have to act on the information that they have. I think the statement "Because I said so" says everything I need to know about this site. Thanks everyone.
  2. Hey Jonathan, Just wanted to say that I placed an order through hookah-hookah and I am really excited to get it. That free pyrex bowl should be pretty cool. Review to follow.
  3. Any Good Threads For New People?

    Awesome, thank you nick I guess I should have just searched "new person faq" . Just never occured to me that it could be that simple. Edit: after reading that I realised I had read that before. The videos were great but it still didn't really answer my questions.
  4. My First Order

    Yeah and see that is pretty much what I had gathered as well. They aren't the worst quality, but they certainly aren't the best either. I am okay with getting middle of the road quality for now so long as we like the look (and I'm sorry but Sahara has some of the coolest looking vases I have seen). So I will order from them but also get a nice hose and phunnel bowl from HS. Anything else any of you would recommend I order with the hose and bowl from HS? Update: Order is placed! Sadly they were closed so I couldn't call them to place the order. Let's hope it all works out. I'll post pics and reviews when it arrives.
  5. My First Order

    See those sites are good but we don't really like the look of any of their vases. *Shrugs* It may suck completely and I will write a review on them but for now I think we will try them out because we love the look of the hookah. Edit: Hmmm, ok so maybe I will just keep a basic hose with this order and order a better hose from HS. Might that be a better arangement?
  6. Sahara 360 Rotating Stand

    Hehe, alright so it seems like everyone thinks that is a waste of money and after reading all this, I think I agree. I doubt it will be much of a problem any way, just a neat idea. Thanks everyone.
  7. My First Order

    Hmmm, alright so maybe a 2 hose is a bit much for a first hookah. Are the stems from Sahara really that bad? From the more recient reviews they seem to be good so long as you order over the phone. Thank you for the information; I think I will go down to a 1 hose for now to save cost as well as hassle. Also I think I will get a Joker hose instead, I like the look better. Do you all think that may be a better order for a first time?
  8. Oregon Smokers Or

    Just joined here but I'm in Portland/Gresham area around 162nd and Glisan.
  9. Any Good Threads For New People?

    Got it. Awesome, thank you for the new info.
  10. Sahara 360 Rotating Stand

    Yeah I have heard that about them too. However this is not a hookah at all. It is just a stand for a hookah that spins. I might or might not get it.
  11. Any Good Threads For New People?

    Ok, so it would technically work but there is no point, is that it?
  12. Sahara 360 Rotating Stand

    Lol, alright that is cool. Maybe I will get one and write a review on it since there doesn't seem to be one yet. Thanks.
  13. Any Good Threads For New People?

    Huh, so the dryer brands don't work in a phunnel, I don't understand why won't they work?
  14. Any Good Threads For New People?

    Ah, so they help to keep the taste going, that makes sense. Can you not pack all brands into any type of bowl? What types of brands are supposed to go with what bowls? Also is it that you CAN'T put any brand into any bowl or is it that some bowls work better with certain brands? Thanks again.
  15. My First Order

    A one hose for 4 people ? Really? Huh, that goes against what I read. I thought for 4 people you would want at least a 2 hose that you can plug. Is that not the case? Once again thank you for the information. This is just all new to me.