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  1. i was actualy able to get the replacement for 35...a bit pricey, but w/e at least the new one will have autosealing... and don't worry i'll definitely keep the Mya hoses....the rubber tubing thing was most definitely a joke. The mya hoses i have are by far the best hoses i have ever seen for a hookah, and I will probably just keep them for whatever new hookah i get in the future.
  2. JaviFSU

    cobra hoses

    QUOTE (art_official)ew thats something that would come in like an iranian happy meal lol LMAO!!
  3. QUOTE (SanguineSolitude)looks awful? im sorry if it looks like a hookah and not a toy from a headshop. and hookahhookah hookahs (heh) have had mixed reviews here, you can get a better hookah for the money than one of those. how i know it wont break like the ebony is that i have one just like it. ive smoked out of one of the ebonys and found it to be subpar. thats what a hookah looks like man. i also gave a reasonably priced alternative, since i assume you arent rolling in dough otherwise you probably wouldnt have bought that crappy of a hookah to begin with. if you want an amazing looking hookah that also smokes well... youre gonna have to pay for it. dont you dare put a mya stem on that base lol, myas dont deserve to be treated so badly. I am very aware of what a hookah looks like. And the reason i think it looks awful is because it shares that same shaped base that is on every basic hookah from any manufacturer, and I find that to be terribly unoriginal. Fear not, I am not going to order a Mya stem, you can rest well knowning that one is not going to be mistreated. I decided instead to just order the replacement from hookah shisha, since I wouldn't want to put anything but another crappy stem on the rest of that horrible hookah I have, out of the fear of creating a frankenstein hookah that you would undoubtedly abhor and bash me for. P.S. Out of consideration for my Mya hoses I have decided to detach them and replace them with rubber tubing...out of respect for the sanctity of mya, and the onerous task of being connected to an ebony. If any of you are interested in this cool mod you can find the tubing here: http://www.automobiletrim.com/images/tubin...bbertubing.jpg)
  4. Sanguine...that hookah you put a link to (and most social smoke hookahs along with it) looks awful, and besides, whos to say that it won't break as well? The only bad thing about the way the ebony looks are the hoses, and i got Myas a long time ago. If I would get a new hookah, i would probably go with a hookah hookah one though, cuz those look sweet. Lakemonster, as far as fixing it goes...it might be possible but im not too sure how. The exact part that bokre is a shaft that comes up ththrough the bulbs where the hoses conect to and connects to the shaft goign up towards the bowl...if you want to send me some shisha for it that would be cool...just let me know what you have..the only thing is that shipping this bad boy might be a bit expensive because of its weight. and asuseani...do u think that the Mya sten will fit on the base I have? even if it did i dont think it would look to good though anyways, thanks for the pointers guys
  5. Hey guys, unfortuntely i was just cleaning my stem on the hookah-shisha ebony hookah i have, and the pipe inside to where the downpipe is screwed broke off. It doesn't look like i'll be able to fix it, so I'm going to hae to buy a new stem. I called hookah-shisha, and a replacement is $40. thats kinda expensive considering the whole thing is only 75, and also considering i had one just break on me...anyone know where i can get a stem that would fit onto that hookah? or should i just stick with the hookah shisha one?
  6. JaviFSU

    Cleaning Mya Hoses

    thanks guys, now i won't have to be inhaling ash anymore
  7. Hey guys, I have 2 mya hoses (the ones with the very long wooden handles) and they need some cleaning. Can this be done with soap and water? or will this ruin them?
  8. JaviFSU

    Mint Idea

    I was really looking forward to curing gingivitis through hookah use .  Hehe, yea creme de menthe sounds like a much better choice, thanks for the feedback guys.
  9. My Hookah Music: Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Mars Volta, Portishead, Beatles (later stuff), Jimi Hendrix, Buena Vista Social Club, Santana, Paco de Lucia.
  10. JaviFSU

    Mint Idea

    Another thing...would adding alcohol to the base (white wine with grape shisha, etc) actually cause you to get drunk? if yes, how so? im guessing alcohol vapors absorbed by the lungs, and im also guessing the effect, if any, is not too strong.  Anyone know anything about this?
  11. i just got the random idea of adding some listerine to the base when smoking mint shisha, i think im going to try it out tomorrow.  I was wondering if anyone had tried this?  Sounds like it could be hit or miss? dunno, any ideas?
  12. JaviFSU

    mush samples.

    Thats a great set of samples you got hooked up with.  How are those fakher flavours? i've been dying to try fahker grape n golden fakher black grape.  I want to order one but don't knwo which one to go with.  I hear the fakher melon is great too...i'm not to satisfied witgh my amir melon.  I gotta try it again to test, but on my first go it wasn't all I expected from a good melon.  I actually liked my Al Waha melon much better.  Not to bash Amir, cuz the pear, guava, and double apple are great.  Anyways, if anyone has some samples of Fakher grape, golden black grape, or fakher melon they wanna trade, I would be up for some of that.
  13. sounds awesome, I'm actually getting in about an hour a shipment from thehookah.com of AA pear, guava, mango, melon, double apple, and strawberry, plus two more 50g of nakhla lemon n mint, and 100 pack of 3 kings coals....talk about some halloween candy....hopefully by the end of the week i can write some reviews
  14. that would be really generous of you
  15. Im a big fan of coffee myself...the liquid variety that is.  Im very curious to try a coffee ma'assel.  Are the coffee flavours usually strong or more sublte?  Im a little dubious to try anything non-fruit besides mint, but it sounds like it could have potential.