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  1. Thanks everyone, I found it. The store got me some, he says its the same as AL AMIR, just a new exotic line. Hard to tell which is exotic from not these days with all the brands out there, so staying to the clasiic names like Starbuzz, Al Amir, and AL Fakher. I tried some AL Waha, anyone notice the inconsistancies in production? Is it me or are all the newer and smaller brands using AL Waha too for their flavors?
  2. QUOTE (ilikemyusername @ May 2 2008, 07:53 PM) yeah, me too i'd like to know, i'm always willing to try something new Have you heard of Al Amir Exotic, or just the flavors that you would like to try out?
  3. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN GET AL AMIR EXOTIC? Hi everyone, I am new here. Signed up to ask if anyone has heard of Al Amir Exotic and if they know where I can get some? I went to a store in Glendale and bought my usual Al Amir Watermellon, Blackberry, and White Grape. The guy asked me if I would like to try Berry Blast and Papaya Mango by Al Amir Exotic! When I went back to get some more. the guy told me he is sold out, they are new, and wont get anymore for another 2 weeks. I looked all over place and on the net and no one seems to carry them. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get Al Amir exotic and if they are the same as Al Amir? I have a hookah party next weekend and for the price and awesome flavor, WOW!! Mango Papaya, who would have thought. Thanks.