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  1. the pictures are santino's... i do not have the hookah.
  2. yes, it is a custom hookah...
  3. i got this hookah because i got a tax return!!!
  4. you are going to get your pictures in +/- one week!!!
  5. QUOTE (Codename067 @ Jul 22 2009, 09:02 PM) Not a single smoking pic? Common now!! codename -- it is being shipped to me tomorrow!!! QUOTE (ilikemyusername @ Jul 22 2009, 09:04 PM) wow, thats purrdy ilikemyusername -- thank you!!! QUOTE (ilikemyusername @ Jul 22 2009, 09:05 PM) jst be careful what you say around it, I've noticed that glass has a way of just exploding on me. ilikemyusername -- it is annealed borosilicate glass!!!
  6. QUOTE (Zinite @ Jul 22 2009, 08:56 PM) Niiice... I'll go ahead and save other people some time and ask the questions: Where did you get it? How much was it? How does it smoke? Is that bottom bowl attached (as a stabilizer?) crown hookah!!! 400... santino says, "it is like breathing..." yes, but it is for ice...
  7. thank you, crown hookah!!!
  8. StarCuzz

    Best Guava Flavor?

    fusion guava + starbuzz guava =