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  1. QUOTE (Plex @ Jun 6 2009, 07:20 PM) QUOTE (Nirguna @ Jun 6 2009, 12:17 PM) He doesn't carry Tangiers, for sale but serves some flavors at the lounge. He does sell Nakla though. What about coals, parts, accessories, etc? Sells hookahs, bowls, 3k coal - not really an awful lot, though if you want I can ask him Online is probably still your best bet
  2. He doesn't carry Tangiers for sale but serves some flavors at the lounge. He does sell Nakla though.
  3. Can you use a razen/nammor hose on the Bambino?
  4. This may be a niche post, but if you're needing a hit of hookah in Korea, check out the Shisha House in Daejeon. The owner, Fred, is an awesome guy. Great selection of food, drinks and a decent selection of shisha (Nakla and Tangiers in particular). People come from Seoul to come to this place, and having been there myself, understand why. Great lounge.. I see myself coming here often... and if you do come to this place on a regular basis, I hope to meet you soon!
  5. Nirguna

    Australian Smokers

    Perth! (leaving the UK and my jetsetting ways temporarily...)
  6. Nirguna

    Shisha In Perth

    Hmm.. a few from Perth, WA here... pretty surprising I haven't been home for a couple of years... there's a restaurant called Aida in Northbridge - food was ok... shisha was nothing to write home about however...
  7. I'm using a 2 liter Pepsi Max bottle... class all the way
  8. QUOTE (MatthewLee @ Jun 13 2008, 08:10 AM) I'm not surprised. Place looks mad shady from the pics they have on their website. And I love this line : "Holly screwed up, he took it out on the wrong person." Great, so now I have visons of some female getting verbally destroyed by this character. Guy sounds like a real piece of work. p.s. I've already read all the 'dick riders' excuses for this guy, so please don't repost and try to convince me otherwise. And you seem to have made up your mind without considering the other people who have had nothing but great dealings with Neal. The OP has had his issues resolved, Neal has apologised for his conduct to the OP. Move on. Yes it was unprofessional - however - unless you know the whole story, I'd suggest you just keep your opinions to yourself. Want to purchase your supplies elsewhere? Fine. Do so. It's a free country. You however seem like you have your own agenda against him. @ Big Boss - this time (as far as I know) yes, he was raided. He's also been robbed recently (by a previously trusted party) of a few thousand dollars
  9. Seriously - make a decent order and get your stuff shipped from the US from a reputable online seller. Shisha in the UK is way overpriced and... I think, not sure of this... drier due to the amount of glycerine that can be used.
  10. QUOTE (nitrousconsumed @ May 23 2008, 02:44 AM) his bff stands for 'best friends forever' try his deej and bj and candy queen fruit loops is quite easy to make No - it doesn't
  11. BFF = Best F****** Fruits
  12. Nirguna

    Fotm International Canceled! I Am Sorry

    I understand - this is a great service - and yeah - shipping internationally blows. I just hope you in the US realise what a great run you have regarding hookahs and shisha... huge range of choice of tobacco, cheap shipping etc etc I need to get there... So did this month's international go out? Was looking forward to free baccy...
  13. QUOTE (Hobocans @ Apr 26 2008, 04:07 PM) Howdy from HoboHookah Please excuse our website at the moment: We have recently designed a new look for both our blog and our online shop and are migrating everything between servers, which hasnt been as easy as we had hoped. Our goal is to have it back up 100% by the start of May, including new products for sale and new articles on the blog. Let me know if you guys have any other questions. Cheers! Guess that answers the question Will wait till May to order then - just to see what's coming
  14. QUOTE (ilikemyusername @ Apr 26 2008, 03:32 PM) well, if they are shutting down you could get a real hookah Could do - however the portability of the Hobo is what is tempting me. When you're living out of suitcases even a small MYA or similiar is a pain.
  15. Hi everybody! Decided to register on this site, so I can get the lowdown on what's happening in the world of hookah and shisha, find people to smoke with, and get help when needed. My history: 24 year old guy from Perth, Australia. First discovered hookah/shisha in 2006 whilst holidaying in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Found a chill out shisha place in a building close to where I was staying that I really enjoyed (big screen TVs / PS2 games, cable TV, dark lighting and comfy sofas). Ended up buying a hookah to bring home, which has been neglicted, and is still in Australia. I've been doing the teaching in Asia circuit for a couple of years (China and South Korea), and while I'd love to travel with my pipe, it isn't really feasible. I'm considering a HoboHookah... plus I have a pipe in the US that a friend needs to send me at some point I'm currently in Inverness, Scotland and would like to meet people to smoke with, as well as try to find locations near me where I can buy tobacco annd accessories, as well as finding places in the United Kingdom which still serve shisha (despite the indoor smoking ban).