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  1. So I was smokin my hookah the other day and I couldn't help but notice that whenever I move the coals after they've been on for a while, they leave ash behind. Most of the ash gets "swept" off the foil, but that which doesn't can fall into the shisha under the foil. Is this bad at all, other than affecting the heat? What about the size of the holes...bigger holes obviously let more ash fall down, but bigger holes also allow more heat. Are there any other trade-offs other than heat control between bigger holes and smaller holes?
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    I've found a few tricks. you could try a muffler on the bottom of the stem. they're pretty cheap and just slide right on. adding a bit more water also gives thicker smoke. if you're at an inch above the bottom of the stem, try like another half inch or so. i just tried this next one yesterday...2 layers of foil. pack everything as you normally would, then put one piece of foil on (shiny side up), then put another piece on (shiny side down) so that the shiny sides are touching. then poke holes through both layers and smoke like you normally would hope this helps!
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    New Hookah!

    I had most of the critical things correct, like amount of Shisha, right amount of heat, water level correct... I think my problem was the coals I was using. I was using those quick light coals and that's where I was getting my chemical taste. I got some better coals and that made a WORLD of difference! As requested, I made a small album of some pics. http://www.hookahforum.com/index.php?s=&am...m&album=122
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    First Hookah pics

    Once I got things figured out, I took some pics!
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    Modern Hookah

    This is my hookah
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    New Hookah!

    QUOTE (HookahDude831 @ Apr 15 2008, 02:07 PM) trying to jack my name... psh noobs. haha my bad dude! I didn't even know another one of us "dudes" were on here! However, you should be informed that I'm not gonna change my name...we can be friends though!
  7. I've smoked from my friends hookah a couple of times then decided it was time for me to get my own! I got a blue striped modern hookah with 2 hoses. It's 19" tall and looks awesome! I've noticed though that my friends egyptian style hookah always smokes a little better. We can have the same blend in both, but his just has better taste than mine. I have some ideas as to why this is and I'd like to hear your input also... 1) Hookah's need to be broken into, just like a new baseball glove 2) I don't have things right yet...like amount of shisha, amount of water, amount of heat etc. Another difference between his and mine...he has a single hose, but there is a place to clear out the smoke. My 2 hose hookah doesn't have that, and the ball bearings don't allow me to blow air into the chamber to clear the smoke. Is this normal for a 2 hose hookah? Thanks for any info! Happy smoking! Ps...the other day we mixed some pineapple and rose.....it was absolutely teriffic! I'm gonna start my girlfriend on that mix