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  1. on a medium phunnel with fantasia packed, i use 3 1/4 size pieces of exotica coals. works perfectly. i position them in a triangular shape on top, and just shuffle them around every so often.
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    1st purchase: 3/19/08 : The Devil's Playground $110: Mya Phalcor 24". 2nd purchase: 3/31/08 : Hookah Company $36.97: Smileys mod, Tangiers F-Line Root Beer(250g), Tangiers Mixed Fruit(250g) . 3rd purchase: 3/32/08 : The Devil's Playground $43.32: Medium Phunnel, Fantasia Pink Lemonade(200g) , Al Waha California Dream(250g). 4th purchase: 4/14/08 : Minnesota Hookah $51.04: Scallis mod(smileys broke last night), Layalina Peach(250g), Fantasia Pink Lemonade(200g), Fantasia Margarita(200g). Total $241.33