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  1. pony

    Jewels Sample

    bump for free hookah
  2. I can beat her, for my buddies 21st, I blew him 21 rings off one hit
  3. so i just bought these and have no clue if i am using them right, any instructions would be fantastic. thanks
  4. wow, that hose looks sweet
  5. pony

    Al Fakher Grape

    I have been smoking AF watermelon lately and it has all been awesome
  6. pony


    Fumari Blueberry Set Up Hookah - Sahara Smoke 1 hose Bowl - Standard clay bowl. Coal -Golden, 2 33mm 1 at a time Appearance - Good and wet, some stems but nothing too bad. Smell - Actually smelled like blueberry dip. Flavor - Delicious, I smoked this with 4 groups of friends all with different taste, and they all loved it. Smoke - Smoked quite well on all hookas I used it with, I would say makes smoke like you should expect. Buzz - I get buzzed easy so good lol. Duration- 45-hour Overall and Last(ing) Impressions -I love the packaging, I normally get Al-Waha because it cost the same as 100g of this stuff for a tub. However I was hell bent on smoking blueberry so I tried it. The flavor was great and the sheisha was always good and wet. Overall Rating: 9.5/10 Pros: Great packaging Great Flavor Good smoke Cons: Price
  7. pony

    Need A Little Help.

    QUOTE (HOOKAH2810 @ Jun 12 2008, 07:28 PM) i too, am out of coals right now and its been like 10 or 11 days since i last smoked, so ill ship you out something to smoke tomorrow, just pm me with yur address. hang in there buddy, jerome pm'd and thanks much appreciated. I feal like such a mooch asking for a handout, but I miss hookah so much
  8. Does anyone wana help me out? I know I don't post in here often (I just kind of lurk and lean from everyone on here), but I'm in between jobs and can't afford coals or shisha right now. Does anyone have anything they would be willing to ship me? (a flavor you didn't like, some coals you don't want, anything really) I miss time with my hookah PM me please, I will hit you back for shipping once I am back at work.
  9. pony

    Georgia Smokers Ga

    Midtown ATL
  10. pony

    Hey From Georgia

    wooo Georgia
  11. pony

    I Can't Sleep I'm So Excited!

    You live in ATL? me too
  12. I don't smoke a ton, so I get really buzzed no matter what.
  13. QUOTE (insidius @ Apr 17 2008, 04:31 PM) My new Mya is coming tomorrow I'm excited! I'll be smoking all weekend. Your hookah can share this thread and be part of the awesome duo. Also, 4/20 is the store's anniversary, it's the day they opened
  14. pony

    Flavor Suggestion

    Beer, I love the way beer taste, and I think It would make a great flavor. Also, a smooth tequila flavor might be good. I'm a bit of an alcoholic if you didn't know
  15. That I don't have yet lol. I'm getting my hookah tomorrow or sunday. My local shop is 20% off all weekend, but they are giving away free stuff on 4/20, so I need to find out if waiting to buy Sunday gets me more free stuff. This shall be my hookahs thread, and it shall be the best thread here. Check back tomorrow for an update and my person blog type thing as I enter the wonderful world of hookah