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    Smoking Music

    Um Kalthoum for arabic speaking people sets the mood right for shisha...
  2. gunsboy


    Send me $$ and I will order for you ...
  3. gunsboy

    Glass Hookah Stem

    WOW... WOW.. Did I say WOW???
  4. gunsboy

    Cocobricos Vs Coconaras

    Bring them to Canada... Can one of you wok as a middle man to ship those to Canada??? Make few bucks??
  5. Make sure you give your hookah a good wash. Lots of little holes. Try putting two layers of foil instead of one. Do not use a wind cover if you were. mmm Cannot think of anything else. Maybe it is a bad batch of Nakhla. Try to get rid of the stems in the shisha.
  6. gunsboy

    Happy Birthday Gnr!

    Happy Birthday bro.
  7. I am not smoking anything. I am sick with the flu.
  8. My friend's 3 years old kid ran towards my hookah and put his mouth on the bowl and started sucking air. I was like holy shit, his mom will kill me. Btw, the hookah was not lit or had tobacco in it, but still the boy almost knew how its used.
  9. QUOTE (mikeypas @ Jul 18 2009, 09:44 PM) According to Customs Canada, shisha tobacco is considered "pipe tobacco" (according to the agent, because it goes into a pipe, regardless that it is a waterpipe). And no, they do not take into consideration the weight of the tobacco and molasses (250g of shisha is considered 250g of tobacco). When shipments from the US are intercepted by customs, you may get away with paying relatively small amount of taxes, and some people claim they have challenged any duties/taxes, but the actual amount of tax is REALLY REALLY HIGH, and there is no special consideration for shisha. I once purchased 6 x 250g from H-S, the bill was something like $100 with shipping, and duties/customs was $700. I sent back to customs for a review, and they said everything was correctly assessed. Holy Buck...... $$700 ....
  10. gunsboy


    Coconaras (little bit of work with heat management but is the best I have used yet)
  11. I see those posts about people getting the boot or being banned for few days. I really would love to see the post/thread that caused it. Just for educational purposes.
  12. gunsboy

    *th Post Thread

    I missed my 600th.
  13. I tried the paper towel with AF. I made a mess. What I do now is when I feel that shisha is too drippy, I would just squeeze it in my hand and wash off some of the excess molasses. I did not try this once or twice. I have been doing this since 1994. Agree or don't agree, it works with wet tobacco. I recently have been experimenting with the something similar to the gap thing , it worked for few weeks but I felt that it is harder to get it going. Also with cocos they side facing the foil goes dead quicker. I was too lazy too to make the gap, I just use two foils or one extra strong foil. Does the job. I try not to fill the bowl like all those crazy Tangiers smokers.
  14. gunsboy

    Ok, Thats It!

    gromsket or gaskmet
  15. QUOTE (chinamon @ Jul 17 2009, 05:54 AM) QUOTE (gunsboy @ Jul 17 2009, 04:26 AM) 20-40 for a 50g is a rip off. You can legally get them for way cheaper even after paying customs. Contact customs and check how much would it cost for ordering shisha, remember that shisha is not 100% tobacco, a big chunk of the weight is actually molasses, customs have to consider that. no they dont have to consider the weight of the molasses because shisha tobacco falls under the category of processed tobacco. If that's true, then this law sucks even more. I actually was thinking about contacting AlFakher and asking them to setup a shop in here to make Canadian AF.
  16. 20-40 for a 50g is a rip off. You can legally get them for way cheaper even after paying customs. Contact customs and check how much would it cost for ordering shisha, remember that shisha is not 100% tobacco, a big chunk of the weight is actually molasses, customs have to consider that. You will then need to account for that in the price of the shisha or other products you will be selling there (drinks, deserts, food... etc). Please, make sure you check everyone's ID because those undercover jerks will try a sting with someone underage. They busted some people selling cigs to minors doing that. Good luck dude, I was thinking about doing this in Halifax NS but was not up to the fight and had no time to be a media attraction for having the first real hookah bar in Atlantic Canada.
  17. gunsboy

    Ok, Thats It!

    Gotta love those grommets
  18. I am looking for the best hose out there for airflow. I do not care how it looks. I just need one that does not taste like crap and smokes like heaven. Any ideas?
  19. gunsboy

    Plastic Taste

    If you have a friend who is a student and lives with a bunch of roomates. Give them the hose to smoke with it for a week or so. I did that for a hose that I used like 5 times with no luck. Those guys would smoke using it a bunch of times a day and they really do not mind shitty shisha or crappy plastic taste.
  20. The best post ever. This is exactly the story of my life
  21. gunsboy

    The Af Esk Apple Cult

    Esk Apple is good, too sweet though. If you do not mind Anise, a good batch of AF double apple tastes like heaven on earth.
  22. I have bought almost anything I wanted, but if I was rich I would build a hookah room, with a jaccuzi.
  23. Here is a sampler that I bought and I did not like most of them. I tried all some but I am not going to smoke them. If someone picks up the shipping charges or if you are around Halifax, come and pick them up for free. Most of the sampler boxes are missing like 10 gm of shisha, but it is still a decent amount of shisha. Here is a picture of them when I received them. The double apple box is not included.
  24. gunsboy

    Halifax Ns Af Tobacco Samples

    I am sorry guys, I forgot to update this. I sent them to a fellow canadian already. Mods, you can close this thread or move it to completed Trades.
  25. gunsboy

    The Next 'it' Thing

    I have seen those 500mW Laser pointers that run on batteries. They can burns paper, matches, plastic bags. Put a couple of those and you got yourself a Laser heater.