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  1. illiniSAC

    Samah Lounge

    This place is about two blocks away from Wrigley, in the middle of a good area for the night life. We (3 friends and I) got there around 5 58pm, and they opened at 6. Despite two employees just sitting there, they wouldn't let us in. It wasn't a huge deal, there was a bar next door, so we went there for a few drinks. When we went back, they had opened, and we were promptly seated. There's the usual setup of tables surrounded by couches and chairs, but also private curtained rooms, where you sit on cushions. The waiter arrived quickly and was friendly. For $11 bucks each (an 18% gratuity is included with every check), we got two hookahs, two refills, and each got a drink (Coke products, Fiji water, fruit juice, etc). They do serve Tangiers, which makes it rather unique amongst the other hookah bars I'm aware of around Chicago. They've also got Starbuzz and the house blends are impressive. Music is Arabian with some techno mixed in. I've been there before, and if you're going to go on a Friday or Saturday, call ahead for a reservation, but be aware, they'll only give you two hours. I've heard they bring in a belly dancer on some nights. All in all, Samah's great if you're not there during the rush.
  2. illiniSAC

    Guess Hookah

    Just so everyone knows, the hookah bar part of Guess shut down. They've moved to a new location, and now it's just a store-front.
  3. I just use steel wool. Haven't had any problems with paint coming off either, by the way. I usually smoke at night, and clean in the afternoon.
  4. illiniSAC

    Signing Off.

    Good luck and enjoy it!
  5. illiniSAC


    My favorites are Blue Mist and Strawberry Margherita
  6. I have a Mya Gyro and two KMs. The draw on the KM is superior, probably since it's a one hose. The Gyro is a great hookah, it looks beautiful. The clouds on both are decent. Really its just a question of whether or not you want multiple hoses.
  7. illiniSAC

    Coconara Troubles

    Just bought the coil burner and I've thrown some Cocos on it. It's nuts how fast they're lighting. I'm a little worried about the heat sensitive sprinkler in my room going off in my room, but whatever, I'll deal with that if and when I have to
  8. illiniSAC

    First Hookah Experience

    I first smoked my senior year of high school. Couple friends of mine bought a hookah and invited me over. I was standing as I took my first puffs and fell over into a couch because the buzz was so strong. Been smoking ever since! Now I've got 7 hookahs. Two KMs, 3 Myas, a Havana, and a no name.
  9. illiniSAC

    Coconara Troubles

    Thanks very much for all the help guys!
  10. Does anyone have problems with Coconaras and natural coals in general going out where they're touching the bowl? I light my coals with a propane torch since I don't have a hot plate around and I'm wondering if that's the problem. Not getting them hot enough to start out with? Anyone know of a cheap portable hot plate?
  11. Nothing girly about smoke gentlemen...
  12. illiniSAC

    Codename Is....

    Congratulations Code!
  13. illiniSAC

    Obama Opposes Hookah Smoking

    I love it
  14. QUOTE (Codename067 @ Aug 9 2008, 04:59 PM) Welcome. Ok you can leave now =p =p Stick around so you dont miss too much of the action eh? Codename, I've been looking at your videos on YouTube. I'm going to be trying the pear bowl tomorrow for sure! I've been here for a while, but I was just always talking to people in that shout box. But certainly once my smoke club is underway, I'm sure I'll be busy posting up pictures and questions. Is there any way to respond to all of those replies in one post by the way?