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  1. Whats goin on everybody....been a good while since ive posted anything here but i gotta little problem... Ok back in 07 i bought an Egyptian Rotator...shes green with an ice chamber, shes beautiful. She was also my first hookah so I wasnt aware of the importance of general up keep when it came to cleaning. I always cleaned the steam with my brush an washed the vase frequently but I didnt realize washing the base would effect it in the long run. So over time after washing the base the ball bearings in the rotator began to rust, which would make the rotation difficult. Me being a dumbass would just run hot water over it and it would be a quick fix. Bout a month later it would start sticking again so I would just run hot water over it like I did in the past. Well then it started sticking more often, to the point where I would have to take a butter knife and kinda scrape away at the rust. But here recently my buddies all bought there own hookahs after smoking out of mine. A couple of them got some nice KM's so we just smoked out of those while my rotator sat in the corner. I know its sad. Shes a champ always smokes perfectly. But the base is now completely rusted. I cannot get it to turn at all and now knowing hot water isnt gonna help I was wondering if you guys had any ideas. Shes a great hookah and we still smoke out of her but it would be nice to have her rotate and get back to her old self...so im looking for answers and I know this is the place to get them... Take it easy guys and thanks for your help in advance
  2. Well ever since that shit with your roommates on MY webcam show

  3. i like your status....is it about me?

  4. dude whats crackin bro! didnt know you were a memeber....hows it hangin?

  5. r1v3th3ad is talking about me!

  6. Arpomatic

    Post #100

    but i did it! what now bitches?! haha happy smokin everyone party tonight with sixpack an ryno its gonna be off the chain! -arp
  7. Arpomatic


    Ive been reading Scar Tissue from the lead singer of The Red Hot Chili Peppers Anthony Kiedis, its a really good book i recommend it
  8. welcome to the forum...whatever you do dont listen to ryno he doesnt know what hes talking about haha -arp
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    Drunk Posting

    what up everybody! im drunk... i will post later...this is gonna be a good thirsty thursday -arp
  10. QUOTE (drabin @ Dec 3 2008, 07:37 PM) QUOTE (Arpomatic @ Dec 3 2008, 04:26 PM) youre not a newb when people who are here a lot shorten your name or bring up something you were talking about a week ago example: arpomatic = arpo everybody needs and loves a little arpomatic in their lives -arp arp whats sad is I had more posts then you in my first real week on the forum than you have now. jew...i made my rep in the chat...you are an idiot...i mean...i love you
  11. maybe its because you are using shitty coals...cocos ftl...i think im about one of the few that doesnt like them... ^ that smiley has nothing to do with the post i just think its funny... -arp
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    Mlb Thread

    the reds will be in the NL central for the next decade...how do expect to win when you get rid of all your players...ill be surprised if brandon phillips stays around after this season...the reds are a joke go cubs go -arp
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    Mlb Thread

    you better be talking about the RED sox...
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    Eldery Choir Sings Hiphop Songs

    very funny...it sounds like ryno trying to keep up with a rap song...pitiful...
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    Mlb Thread

    whos your favorite team? i only have three words... GO CUBS GO