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  1. HookahLion

    metal bowls

    I used a metal bowl once and i'll never do it again. 
  2. HookahLion

    If You Could Own Any Hookah

    Mya... no contest.  Although I love my Stargate.
  3. I bet your mom loved that....
  4. HookahLion

    Longest Hookah Session

    wow... i think the longest has been like 2 hours.  
  5. HookahLion

    Al Fakher Golden

    we need more smoke shops in Vegas.  Our selection is pretty crappy.
  6. HookahLion

    Keeping your hookah hose sanitary

    I have friends that even make close friends use plastic tips.  I don't, but I don't let random people smoke mine either.
  7. I like that alot.... Im thinking about buying another one for college next year.  But I should probably hold off, cause you never know whats gonna come out next!
  8. HookahLion

    Never felt as old as I do today

    whats scary is when your a girl and you have to start making sure a guy isn't married!  
  9. HookahLion

    Grandma anit-smoking comercial

    I have to say that that commercial was hella sad... and wasn't it an anti-drug commercial?
  10. HookahLion

    Super Bowl Commercials

    So i was just wondering what everyones favorite add was during the big game.  Mine would have to be the "Magic Fridge" with the "Fixin a Leak" in a close second.
  11. HookahLion

    Shisha Mixes

    black berry and cola is good too
  12. HookahLion


    Welcome!  Yea, this site is really helpful!
  13. HookahLion

    ???? Forum

    Sounds neat... if i ever get free time ill check it out!
  14. HookahLion

    Where is everybody from?

    Las Vegas... just down the street from HookahDuck
  15. HookahLion


    I do that... I don't think I know anyone who doesn't!