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  1. To answer your question simply, no. A larger pipe will provide a slightly cooler smoke- but pretty much anything that is 14+ inches will be about the same in this regard. A larger pipe will often have a wider down stem and will make for an easier pull, considering you have a hose that that is wide enough as well. There is no taste difference though, whatsoever.
  2. Rolland coals should not be legal to sell or purchase in this country... They are your problem, I promise! I had a bunch of them sitting around a while ago and decided to throw one on to see if they tasted as bad as I remember them- I had to ditch the bowl and reload after about 5 minutes. Pick up some goldens or 3kings... anything really besides Rolland
  3. HookahDuck

    easy way to do tangiers

    Wait.. are you saying that you dont punch holes at all? How the hell could you draw at all?
  4. HookahDuck

    MYA Case

    We do have to keep in mind guys, in many cases people GIVE these things away. The last MYA I bought (a 23" bohemian), the shop I got it from just decided to throw one in for no extra cost. They rarely tack more than a few dollars on to the price of the pipe for one anyway- we shouldnt be expecting to get a high quality case for free/a few bucks. I WOULD be willing to pay for a high quality case, however.
  5. Do a search and you will find a ton of threads for you. The chemicals in them to help them light will cause you serious harm.
  6. HookahDuck

    Mango shihsa

    HAVANA MANGO for the win. By far, the most realistic tobacco I have ever smoked in both smell and taste. If you cant decide, I would pick up a 50g pack of it just to test it. I promise you wont be dissapointed
  7. HookahDuck

    Link between Tempeture and Clouds

    Sounds to me like humidity shock. Any time there is a sharp change in humidity (rain.. or even just going outside ), your tobacco will experience what is called humidity shock. Run a search for it and you should find a ton of threads. Allow the tobacco to be exposed to the open air that you are going to be smoking it in for a few hours, and you will notice quite the difference. Also, if it is windy outside, use a windscreen or make a foil hat. The wind is displacing a lot of the heat from your coal which means you will be getting less smoke.
  8. HookahDuck

    Fusion Tobacco?

    stupid marketing... I wont buy it until it is either cheaper, or comes in 50g boxes
  9. HookahDuck

    Social Smoke Bowl

    Social Smoke, as a person who has done a lot of business with your company, it may mean something to you that because you do not sell Tangiers products, I have begun to purchase from your competitors that do much more frequently. A large percentage of your business (this forum), feels the same way. Just a little tid bit.
  10. HookahDuck

    ive been wanting to do this for a while :)

    QUOTE (Yonatan)i dont know how, maybe it was from the burning plastic, but i got an extreme high and threw up. moral: stop trying to smoke food and bathroom supplies. That one may just be better!
  11. wow... I am always leery of internet reviews; like it is a big deal at all to simply review your own product with praise.
  12. HookahDuck

    Tangiers Blue Gum Ball

    QUOTE (Sonthert)Thats cool, I do make my own maasel. Thanks for the suggestion, though.  :wink:   What chemicals are you referring to? The chemicals in Tangiers Tobacco vs. what? How would homemade sheesha have less chemicals than my commercially manufactured sheesha? Where do you get your evidence? This post made me laugh. I have yet to try blue gum ball... but im thinking that it will be in my next order
  13. QUOTE (Hookah Man)is the cafinated shit ne good? Can you sound a little more intelligent in your posts, please?
  14. HookahDuck

    Shisha burning experiment

    Smoking without water is actually.. well, nearly exactly the same. The smoke has so little contact with the surface area of the smoke that it really doesnt filter much. Using a diffuser helps this
  15. HookahDuck

    ive been wanting to do this for a while :)

    New sig!!!! Thanks Yonatan =D QUOTE (Yonatan)i tested it by putting a flaming cotton ball in the bowl and smoking it. the smoke was so thick!