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  2. lol i know MOST of the people at the spot. like I said, I'm not worried about customers. I just wana do something different then the other places.
  3. here are my ideal locations. I already have a realtor looking into these places. Glendale, Burbank, Hollywood, North Hollywood, Granada Hills, Encino. Later on, Im gonna move toward Orange County. I dont know If i want to open it on ventura...Brand blvd maybe? I want the perfect location because thats a big factor. Once a month i'm going to have a popular band/rapper/group perform. Also once a week I'm going to have LAKERS NIGHT where it would be like happy hour, cheap drinks + hookas. I know my place is gonna be full just because of the friend base me and and my partner have. I just want them to be comfortable. Also, is there such thing as non-tobacco hookah for my minors?
  4. QUOTE (Scoop @ Apr 3 2008, 06:14 PM) good luck. the valley is over saturated as is. if you have to come to a message board for a business plan, you may not be ready for this endeavor. lol bro I didnt come here for a business plan. I havnt started my research yet. im using this forum as an allie to help me get a couple of ideas together..ill let you know when i open it, make sure you stop by so we can talk about how much people from this forum helped ;] thanks alot for all your help guys
  5. Hey guys, I live in Los Angeles and wanted to open a Hookah lounge on Ventura Blvd. The only thing is, there are soo many around here. We have The Spot, Ramzys, Blue Cafe and many more. What can I do to mine that these lounges dont already do. Also, how much do you think it will cost me to open one up. I can get the money, I just need to know how much to get. thanks for all your help!