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  1. Itami

    Drunk Posting

    I'm fucking trashed off jagermeister, my favorite liquor in the world. I have no idea how I found this thread, I hope to god it's the right one, and I don't know how I entered my username and password and managed to login successfully. I'm smoking LALALINA PASSION FRUIT out of my khalil! I love you guys!
  2. Itami

    Ohio Smokers Oh

    I live in IN but I'm 45 minutes from Cincinnati, so I figure I'd post here for people looking for a smoking buddy or something.
  3. Itami

    Indiana Smokers In

    Greensburg, IN...directly in between Indianapolis and Cincinnati,OH if you're on I-74.
  4. Itami

    Al Fakher Grape

    If it smells like ketchup "a bit" then you're safe, and that hint of it really doesnt come out in the smoke, it smokes better than it tastes, at least for me. If it's the bad ketchup we try to avoid like the plague, it will own your ass and make breathing difficult as soon as you open the lid. I tried airing mine out in the hookah room and the 5 other people there all convinced me to pick up the tub and do it elsewhere because they said it was stinking up the whole room and they couldn't stand being in there anymore. Trust me, you'll know.
  5. Itami

    This Guy Was A Dick!

    I've got nothing against bikers, but those people who gear up in the spandex lance armstrong getup to go around an urban area at non-racing speeds praying they get laid somehow cause of it...god. Kind of like those people who are jogging and then jog in place once they get to a red crosswalk or stop to get a drink of water...that's a d-bag alert right there.
  6. Itami

    New Tonic Flavors

    Wow, those names don't give me much to go on as far as what I'd be spending money on getting. Maybe they're trying to appeal to the people who get car air fresheners with their astrological signs on them. Although I'd like to know how mine (virgo) is depicted as a taste/smell...
  7. Okay, cool. For the record, I really did let out a RL ::whew:: when I read your post, Johnny.
  8. Itami

    This Guy Was A Dick!

    Any man who can power a band with a 6 string fretless bass has my complete kudos. Primus FTW, kids.
  9. I truly hope the barrel of this tank isn't aimed at me, as I did everything I could to avoid it turning into something like that. I like this place and would hate to be given the bums' rush over something like this.
  10. Itami

    This Guy Was A Dick!

    That reminds me of "guy who rides a ten-speed" from the peter's daughter episode of family guy. "I ride the 10 speed to live life before the cancer I have kills me...it's rectal cancer, eating away at my lower insides, quick and untreatable, and....it's a great way to stay in shape". I imagine mr. ten speed you dealt with is one of those people who are under the impression that you can live for 3,000 years if you simply put yourself in a quarantined box containing nothing but a treadmill...dick.
  11. It depends on how lazy/tired I'm feeling. If I'm laying back chill with a hookah and a great song playing, I'm not usually bothered to ash out the coals unless I really star to notice it tasting weird to the smoke starting to lessen. Either way, it helps out your session if you're on it.
  12. QUOTE (Jeff_T @ May 4 2008, 02:12 PM) Isn't some shisha made with honey, if so that a vegan no-no... correct? It depends on which vegan you talk to. With honey, it may not necessarily have been made by a bee. It can be derived directly from flower nectar, bypassing the work that the bees do naturally. Plus, bees have to pollinate to create the nectar necessary for them to make the honey, which helps the plants grow. If the amount of honey is regulated by distributors, it creates a balance where the bees have the supply they're satisfied with, and a boom occurs in plant growth because the bees continuosly pollinate. However, most vegans don't care about any of this because bears and other species don't have an issue eating the honey, while you simply don't see a bear or other species getting milk from a cow udder. BUT, none of that matters, I was simply answering a question and not trying to push this thread in the god-awful direction it's going, I would have posted a topic about being veg in general in a totally different forum if I was looking for an argument. So basically, are we not sure on the topic at hand? I see the very obvious point that AF wouldn't put pork glycerin in. I also have a hard time just accepting that "it's broken down so much that it's the same thing is vegetable glycerin", even if it's scientifically true. Thanks to everyone who tried to help out
  13. Itami

    Best Flavor?

    Hmm...that's a tossup between starbuzz X on the beach and Layalina kiwi strawberry. I'm really having a hard time picking the winner of those two.
  14. Even if you define a great session as "the shisha didn't burn, the clouds were huge, and the taste was amazing", it never feels right when I'm alone. The social aspects of our hobby really hit you once you get a perfect hit, go to hand it to someone becuase they "gotta get a hit of this flavor" and nobody's there.
  15. I noticed on my tubs of fantasia and starbuzz that they contain "vegetarian glycerin". Now, I'm a vegan (done laughing? alright, cool lol) and was curious if anyone knew if middle eastern shishas used animal fat or something crazy like that as a base for the shisha. I ask that specifically because I've only seen american brands go out of their way to specify their glycerin as being "vegetarian". I'm pretty sure there's some folks out there, veg or not, who don't like the idea of inhaling boiled pig hooves or some shit like that. Just wondering if any of you here knew anything about this, and thanks in advance .