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  1. Vase Shape Questions

    That is one sick base for a hookah, looks like it would be fine, good call
  2. Canadian Smokers

    Mississauga, On....hence the name
  3. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

    Luckily when I was starting out smoking hookahs I had a buddy who was a pro so he showed me all the in and outs of smokin/setting up a hookah. Anyways there has been a few times however when I have felt sick, and more lightheaded than usual. However I know not to pull while coals are lighting, and the hookah has been used for a few years, cleaned every few weeks or so. Is there anything that could be causing me to feel like that...or maybe It was some other symptom from that day like I was sick, really tired or was really starving hah. Thanks for any imput.
  4. What Do You Do Between The Puffs?

    Once I get home from work, or after a long day at uni lectures nothing's better. Either jam to some tunes or watch some family guy
  5. Greetings From Canada

    Hey, my name's Geoff and first year of university is the first time i got to sample shisha and i loved it. It's so peacefull and calming, especially when you're sharing a bowl with friends. Anyways I'm from Toronto but im taking school and living in Mississauga. This website is amazing, lots of information, lots of friendly people. Been smoking hookahs for about 1.5 years now and don't plan to stop anytime soon. Look forward to meeting everyone here.
  6. How Many Years?

    First post w00t, had my first bowl when i came to university, so just over a year for me.