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  1. Raspberry

    Hookah Hookah Raspberry Setup: same as above Appearance: almost the same as the melon only red instead of brown really fine cut, and still moist Smell: Awesome like a raspberry tootsie pop Taste: was on the weak side tasted close to the smell though which i was happy about. Smoke: we only packed a small bowl but it lasted about a half hour it was decent once we got the coal right, nice thick clouds. overall good flavor would buy again
  2. Melon

    Hookah Hookah Melon Setup: My buddy's Mini w/ Ice-water Appearance: very dark brown, and surprisingly enough very moist Smell: awesome it had a very cantolopey smell to it very appetizing Overall it was a good smoke not the thickest ive ever had but it was good none the less. The taste was almost as good as it smelled but it had a bit of a funky aftertaste. the flavor lasted until the smoke died down and mind you it was a bit weaker towards the end, we went through about 1.5 ahkla 33mm coals. it was a good expirience and definately would buy again.
  3. Those Bastards Did It Again!

    QUOTE (gaia.plateau @ Mar 21 2008, 10:47 PM) QUOTE (Canon @ Mar 21 2008, 08:45 PM) common, if your going to post and try to argue, you can at least be serious We're typing in a thread proposing a world war against stingrays. I have to go to work now. come on now the stingrays have enough to worry about with the pollution that goes into the oceans every day (im a marine bio major) as for the war in iraq dont get me started...
  4. The Pillar Lounge

    This is where i was introduced to hookah, it has become my second home. its a great place for all those from the reading area and its cheap too you get a 3 hose hookah with 3 flavors and a free refill for 15 good for about 3 hours or so.
  5. Good Buy?

    What do you guys think of a sahara genie we are going to be mostly outside with 3 or 4 of us i always liked the sahara style and it seems good for the price
  6. Hows It Going

    Hi Im new here, Ive been smoking hookah for about a year now and am looking into buying my own. Speaking of that does anyone have a particular site that they use? Thanks