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  1. dear mam, you should return to hookah forum

  2. hippie_eyes

    Pink Lemonade

    Fantasia: pink lemonade Smell: EXREMELY lemony Cut: so sticky, red, and very runny.. it runs all the way down to the base, soaks the stem Smoke: decent clouds.. would've been better if i didn't have crappy japanese coals Flavor: was expecting a sweet lemony taste, but it was just straight up lemon. i was a tiny bit disappointed, maybe i'm too used to starbuzz and i'm ruined for life. it was good though esp. when we added some lemon juice in the base. Buzz: nope, just a nice relaxing smoke Duration: around an hour overall: 8/10 I'm picky.. was expecting a sweeter taste, but def. up there on my list
  3. hippie_eyes

    Sahara Smoke Genie

    after being pissed off about our old 28" hookah's stem being a piece of crap and wiggling around to the point beyond repair, we decided to pick up a name brand.. and we picked up a beauty. i was a little taken off guard about the fact that the stem doesn't screw into the base, but it's actually more convenient to clean and change the water. other thing, is that the ash tray doesn't screw in either.. i would rather have a sturdier tray but that's not too big of a deal. great things about it.. VERY quiet. there's no diffuser because the stem is too big but it sounds like it has one on. the stem is extremely sturdy, never have to worry about it wiggling. it makes the taste of shisha we smoked in the last hookah taste a hundred times better. i personally use a washable hose and my husband uses the one it came with. but all in all, i'm very happy with it and i'd reccomend it.
  4. So we bought a hookah a couple of months ago, everything was going fine, and then all of a sudden the stem started coming loose. right now, it's leaning to one side. Now I'm sure this has happened to someone before and my question is, should we try salvaging the poor hookah and not feel like we threw $120 away? Or should we just buy a new hookah? Also, I'm looking for a durable, quality hookah hopefully under $150, with a good, sturdy stem. Any suggestions of brands? It would be nice to have a two hose, but even a one hose would be fine as long as it's a decent size. Thanks in advance.
  5. hippie_eyes

    Killer Headaches

    so i'm really disaMFointed overall with myself. we just got five new kickass starbuzz flavors, tried them all throughout the day yesterday and all i got from it was once again another killer headache! don't know what else to do.. i eat and drink a ton with my smoking, tried tons of aspirin, doesn't help. only thing left is maybe air ventilation..? problem is we don't have a screen to our windows, just the outside storm window and we have kitties that could try to escape. next time i guess i'll just have to open it a crack, see if that helps.. maybe the air conditioning circling around without anywhere to go, being traMFed with the smoke isn't good. so we got fuzzy navel, irish cream, chocolate strawberry, sour aMFle, and carmel macchiato. now, sour aMFle was a great flavor if you like aMFle jolly ranchers.. i'm not a fan though. but it tasted exactly alike. then comes chocolate strawberry which was all around a great smoke. impressed. the taste wasn't extremely strong, more strawberry than chocolate, but i was haMFy with it. the carmel macchiato was SO sweet. tasted very carmel-y at times, then like a creamy coffee at others. not bad. fuzzy navel was kickass, enough said. and finally, the irish cream was disaMFointing. all i've heard from everyone is how amazing it is.. i don't know, all three of us smoking loved the smoke, it had a great thick cloud, but the taste wasn't that strong. it just tasted like coffee creamer or something. but i would've had a much better time if it wasn't for the headache. blahhh. maybe it's all in my head. that's what my husband says. that if i tell myself i'm going to get a headache, i'll get it no matter what. but then i've read so many posts on here talking about co2 poisoning. i think it's the lack of ventilation but then why doesn't anyone else get it? we'll see...
  6. hippie_eyes

    Lemon Mint

    Starbuzz lemon mint Smell/Flavor: smells very tart-ish. strong lemony scent, not much of a mint. tastes like REAL lemonade, not the fake grocery store stuff. put lime juice in the base, tasted VERY citrusy, i'd recommend it. Smoke: GREAT thick clouds Buzz: at one point i just sat chain smoking for five minutes and i got a little dizzy but in a good way. Duration: two and a half hours! this is the longest lasting shisha we've ever had.. and it still tasted great to the very end! Hookah Type: 28 incher Coal/Amount: i can't even remember how many coals we used, that's how long it lasted Liquid in Base: ice, water, and LIME JUICE Overall satisfaction (scale 1 to 10): 9/10. overall, amazing. only wish is that it could've been a TINY bit sweeter tasting but i can't believe how long it lasted!
  7. hippie_eyes

    Arabian Coffee

    Starbuzz arabian coffee Smell/Flavor: like friggin' coffee. amazing. it smells like it's mixed with a few different middle eastern flavors, like in turkish coffee. the taste isn't the strongest for SB but i prefer non-fruit flavors, and this was pretty decent. drank some bold coffee with it, blended right in. Smoke: nice thick clouds.. not as thick as lemon mint, but great anyway Buzz: not really any Duration: only packed one bowl; the taste started wearing off after an hour, hour fifteen minutes.. a short time for SB Hookah Type: 28 incher with ice Coal/Amount: got to two easy light coals, then decided to smoke lemon mint after the taste wore off Liquid in Base: ice, water Overall satisfaction (scale 1 to 10): 7/10. i would recommend it to coffee lovers and people who enjoy a smooth but not overpowering taste.
  8. starbuzz: white peach lemon mint X on the beach haven't really been disappointed with any starbuzz though..
  9. hippie_eyes

    Virginia Smokers Va

  10. heyy fellow richmond-ite. lookin for fellow smokers in the area. hit me back if you like starbuzz lol.

  11. hippie_eyes

    hookah times