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  1. Exotica Coals

    So I just got my exoticas in today, and while I appreciate the advice on how to cut it, how much of a brick should I use for a smoke 1/3? 1/2?
  2. Kentucky Ky Smokers

  3. Bowl Suggestions

    QUOTE (semiaverage711 @ Mar 25 2008, 11:43 PM) Well, I gurantee you that a majority of the members will say go Phunnel, Funnel, Phunel, or Funel. However they decide to spell it. I have no personal experience with one, however I am used to the regular bowl. I like them alot, but my opinion is kinda biased. I am not for sure, but from my understanding, with Phunnels you use more Shi-Sha, it has a messed up hole setup, and the coal setup is messed up. With regular bowls, if there is such a thing. How about non-phunnel bowls? We will stick with that. Anywho, non-phunnel bowls, work with a multitude of hole setups and can use any amount of shi-sha and you can setup coals to taste. Much more beginner friendly. I say that after you get the hang of a normal bowl, jump up to the phunnel level. Just my two cents. Happy Hookah. After checking the price of this "phunnel/funnel" bowl, I assure you I don't have that kind of bank to throw at just a bowl. As far as normal bowls go, are there any particular brands/models/materials that make for a better smoke?
  4. Bowl Suggestions

    I'm not going to lie, my hookah experience is rather limited, and the times I have smoked were in hookah bars where I had nothing to do with the setup. I haven't paid a lot of attention to the particulars of the hookahs I've smoked, but I've done plenty of research and I understand the principles as to how it works, but as I compile my supply list I have a pretty important gray area that could use some clarity. I need advice as to what sort of bowl would be good to go with. Any and all advice for a first-time builder would be awesome, but bowls are the biggest mystery for me.