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  1. Hi all...not that anyone missed me...but I'm back. I just got out of the hospital (been in traction for around a month and a half) One of my hobbies was flying..I've got my private license and was working towards my instrument rating...well, long story short something went wrong during my last lesson and I woke up in the hospital. I broke a lot of bones & I have some severe burns that I'll be having surgery on as soon as the rest of me is well enough to go through it... Luckily it's summer, so I don't have to take time off work.. not smoking hookah for awhile but I like the forum so I may try to be here some. The plus side is I have great pain meds but for a while I won't be doing much of anything...Don't ya just love when life says.."hey let's screw this guy up"
  2. QUOTE (Bushbr @ Apr 25 2008, 02:14 PM) why was your box of Romman bad? because it was a box of romman. sorry, but im a little prejudiced against romman tobacco, in opinion the stuff sucks drunken donkey balls, but that just IMHO +1 not that I would know about sucking Donkey balls though... The sweet melon, imo, was aweful. The only flavors I've liked of their's was the good times and the prune (plum)
  3. ganesha


    Just got my first order from DPG. I ordered the 200g 3 pack of Fantasia (blueberry, pink lemonade, strawberry daquiri) and a box of the new exoticas. I ordered late last friday night and got it today. They had an issue with my CC (I accidentally left a digit off.) They said they sent me an email but I never recieved it. I had called on Saturday because for some reason I can no longer log onto my account there and I wanted them to know about it. (Yes I made sure I was using the correct credentials.) Still can't log in. The only reason I found out about it was because I called again on Monday (because I noticed my card hadn't been charged yet and they said it would ship Saturday) Got that resolved. The packaging was great, and everything got here fine. They also sent me the FOTM (50g Fantasia blueberry and the 40g Pharoah Fruitopia) I give them a 9.5/10 only because they had my phone number and didn't call when there was an issue. I do however understand that Neil & Holy have been working their asses off with the new lounge. I will definitely order from them again. Thanks DPG!!!
  4. ganesha


    QUOTE (Scoop @ Apr 23 2008, 07:30 PM) you could ask for no food coloring or chemical flavors? The food coloring I agree with... I don't much notice the chemical flavor,so for me that's not an issue, but I know a lot of people have.
  5. ganesha


    I'm glad you had a good experience with it. Fantasia is actually my favorite brand at the moment. I smoke others but I always look forward to smoking Fantasia. (So far every flavor I've tried I've loved.)
  6. So I bought a 50g box of AW After 9 yesterday. I'm not big on the chocolate flavors but I thought I'd give this one a try. (the only other AW I've smoked is California Dreamin' and I really like it.) I'm having an issue with this one though. Both yesterday and today after about 45 minutes of smoking, the taste goes way south... It actually begins to taste really horrible. I'm using a screen with 2 pieces of exoticas coals (about an inch and a quarter long.) set up on opposite sides of the bowl. I've taken the coals off and looked in the bowl and both times the shisha is not burning. (I thought maybe I had to much heat on it.) has anyone else had this issue?? Oh, btw this is my 100th post!!!
  7. ganesha

    Shiny Side Down!

    Being lazy I buy the sheets made for hookah... I can't tell a difference in the sides... It does make sense that the shiny side down would reflect the heat into the bowl... Maybe I'll have my daughter do her science fair project on this ... Measuring the temps using different brands of foil shiny side down verses "dull" side down...
  8. QUOTE (shisha fan @ Apr 21 2008, 08:49 AM) you can make a small breaking line with a knife first so that it snaps off in the right place. +1 This is exactly how I do it.
  9. ganesha

    Leila Travel Hookah

    QUOTE (ZenSilk @ Apr 20 2008, 03:23 PM) All i looked at that whole time was the beard. I'm sorry. (It is fucking awesome though) . (the beard). My wife watched the vids with me and she was like that beard is crazy... She said it reminded her of my "hippie" phase back in college... But I want one of those hookahs...
  10. ganesha

    It Almost Happened....

    That's also something I've noticed about this community... When people are in need here there's always a group ready to help out... Makes me proud to belong here..
  11. ganesha

    Watermelon Hookah

    QUOTE (theotherone31415 @ Apr 19 2008, 09:48 PM) not to put everyone else down, but this is the most amazing idea i've seen in the fun-house and it gives me so many ideas. mainly coconut and pineapple. i will try this as soon as possible. mad props. The original hookahs were made from Coconut. Narghile" is from the Persian word "nārgil" or "coconut", from Sanskrit nārikela (नारिकेल)--as the original hookahs were made out of coconut shells. They would carve the stem/bowl and then open up the coconut... They would use the the coconut milk as the base liquid... [attachment=1442:Coconut_hookah.jpg]
  12. ganesha

    Enough Is Enough...

    QUOTE (Nikon1323 @ Apr 19 2008, 09:41 PM) ok man i understand all the talk about all of this but i have to say....if someone is like pissed because some cop thought he was smokeing NHT out of his hookah....doesnt that go with what everyone here is saying that we want people to not think that hookah is all about illegal drugs???? i mean if a cop did that to me i would bring it up on the forum as oh hey another miss conception of a hookah and i would think everyone would back me up and be like why cant police realize its for tobacco.....im just saying like its BS that people think hookah is all for NHT and like bring that cop thing up backs that point up so im sorry if this against the rules i just think it shows that people still have the misconception of hookah My point of view... We all know there are still misconceptions about hookahs..There always will be someone that thinks it's for another purpose (In fact, the IT department at the University I work at banned this site)... Talking about it on here serves no purpose so why even bring it up. Why waste your time and energy discussing something that has already been discussed over and over again... A better way to fight this battle is to educate people on the legitimate use of hookah smoking. EVERYONE on this forum knows the misconceptions, we've all been "misunderstood" while smoking hookah. I can understand wanting to vent when this happens, but the safest bet is to PM a buddy on here to bitch about it. We all know if you mention NHT you risk a vacation, so why do it? Mush... I understand if you give me a vacation for mentioning it out of context but I agree enough is enough.... Of course, this is just my 2 cents and I don't expect anyone to agree with me...
  13. ganesha

    Anyone Like Hookah-hookah?

    It might help if you took the time to list the flavors and our much your asking for them... I might be interested but it depends on what you have to offer and how much your asking for it.
  14. ganesha

    Used Hookah Taste And Smell

    QUOTE (FireMeetsIce @ Apr 18 2008, 08:57 PM) searched and can't find I absolutley cannot stand the smell of a used hookah, or the taste of just sucking air through (with no bowl or anything) What can I use to clean that will help me get back to fresh everytime...or atleast closer. I find water and lemon juice works well... There's a hookah cleaning product on the market that works well also... (Not sure if I can post it because the name has some numbers in it that can be referenced to other things...PM me if you want the link to the product.)
  15. ganesha

    Welcome Dylinger

    QUOTE (Stuie @ Apr 18 2008, 02:03 PM) HAHAHAHA... who has the anal pear? I hope that's not your suggestion for a new flavor...lol