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  1. Who Makes The Best...

    QUOTE (cartercdad @ Apr 18 2008, 08:37 AM) yea best chocolate by far is hookah hookah tastes like a Hershey bar!!!!!!!!!! I haven't had any others, but HH definitely tastes like a Hershey bar. It's great mixed with HH hazelnut. Nutella shisha!
  2. Rather Dissapointed

    QUOTE (Bushbr @ Apr 16 2008, 02:34 PM) i had thought, by reading most people's thoughts on them, that 3K's QLs were a good deal, and that happened to be all my local shop carries, so i bought a role. WHAT THE HELL?!?! these things sucked almost as bad as the japanese coals i got with the potion samples. the heat wasn't satisfactory, they practically fell apart in my hands and didn't last nearly long enough to get a decent smoke why do people love these so much? did i just get a bad batch? i gotta go back to my 40mm goldens asap Wow do I hate that. I've only ever had one other brand of coal (newb) which were the Akhlas that came with the hookah my girlfeind got me for my birthday from hookah-hookah.com (not the best hookah, but best birthday present to date). Those things were solid. I can barely take a 3k coal out of the foil they come in without it crumbling in my hand. Is that how they usually act? I bought them at a local shop. I've read people on here raving about them, so when I saw them, I grabbed a couple rolls. If this is how they are supposed to be, I won't buy these pains in the ass again. They don't last as long as those other coals and take longer to get glowing. WTF
  3. How Much Will It Cost Me To Open A Hookah Lounge

    QUOTE (The Devils Playground @ Apr 3 2008, 09:26 PM) I was at the spot Tuesday night and you know what? 200+ people seated. It was nice. Hard to compete with them dude. On the other hand I am opening a lounge next week on 10K Yea thats it. lol But on the other hand we have a premade customer base for it also. If you want message me I will give you some private details on what we plan to do to make us stand out even before we implement the ideas in the lounge to make you a bigger success faster.; Wait. You're not opening that place Puff Lounge are you? No way you're getting that for $10k. They have more than that in those stupid billboards. There are 2 hookah places opening in Vegas in the same week? Paymon's is going to have some competition I guess.
  4. Nevada Nv Smokers

    I'm currently in Atlanta, but my girlfriend now lives in Vegas. I'm out there once a month. Actually, Paymon's in Vegas (on Maryland Pkwy, kinda near UNLV) is where I smoked my first hookah ever. Been a fan ever since!