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  1. 3 Ch Natural Coconut Coals 1Kilo Each

    chris ill take a box of these.
  2. Wtb Shisha Pipe

    Hi, looking for a new pipe, new or used is fine. Let me know what you have in your collection you would not mind selling. Thanks
  3. [list][*] Interests:life[/list]noooicceeee
  4. 40" Khalil Mamoon Exotica

    Some offers, but the price is firm.
  5. [img]http://lh4.ggpht.com/_AdF47Led47k/S0MVa9MZ_XI/AAAAAAAAAUA/wSLuzB7mEo4/s720/exotica.jpg[/img] 40" KM Exotica (Stem + Vase) - $90 Small or Medium tangiers phunnel bowl (you choose) - $15 Nammor Hose - $15 Complete $110 Everything in excellent condition. Can meet in Markham or North York
  6. Lump Coal

    lump charcoal is the best. i bought some lemon wood ones and romman ones, love them. they are the best, so clean you can eat the ash. also they dont overheat. thats whta i find.
  7. Do You Need Coals?

    best is natural bulk (lemon wood). straight up the ash is so clean, its white. falls into the bowl and no taste at all.
  8. Coconara's 84pcs Boxes In Toronto $15

    ustill have KM hoses for sale/
  9. Fs: Tangiers Lucid - Toronto/markham

    mimon (lemon + mint) and sour grape left .
  10. Dusty Hose?

    dont wash the hose with water. it wll rust and you will end up inhaling rust dust. trust me, not cool.
  11. Ch Quick Lights

    QUOTE (NIGHTS OF BAGHDAD @ Sep 9 2009, 10:13 PM) hey bro i see your new even though you got 60 posts already but here are the forum rules..you used a NO-NO word http://www.hookahforum.com/index.php?act=boardrules nevermind.
  12. Iranian Shisha

    the western market has no idea about real shisha that they run in the middle east. can't be touched. the shisha they prefer is pure fruit and sweet, none of that musky heavy tangiers stuff. shisha is suppose to be sweet and light.
  13. All shisha is 250g. Acclimated already, comes with containers. $20/ea
  14. i work for small business and what a lot of people do not simply consider is that these people have to make money, as if it were their full time job. they cannot offer cheap prices or hook you up, unless the grocery store you own can offer them cheap prices on food, or you hook them up with a car in exchange. people always say "i can get that for $10 elsewhere". what's the point. take it or leave it.