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  1. Women 40+ That I Think Are Hot

    susan sarandon
  2. How Many Cocos

    two on every bowl i smoke
  3. Do You Smoke Cigarettes?

    i smoke about a pack a day since i was 19, before that pipes, cigars, and timberwolf.
  4. Cheap Cigars For A Beginner

    just starting out go with something like a havana honey or a garcia y vega they're affordable and are pretty decent for a beginner. then you can move on to romeo y julieta's which i think is a good mid-range cigar for a beginner. then go to the carribean every once and a while like i do and keep some cubans in your pocket as you go back through customs.
  5. This may just be a pet peeve of mine but people who demand respect but don't do anything to warrant it. I've come in contact with a lot of older people in my time who feel like they should have your whole-hearted respect just because of their age. I believe this causes a lot of problems, for one it puts them on massive ego-trips, it makes it hard for younger people to actually learn from their experiences and mistakes, and three in many cases could be a precursor to a lot of older people taking advantage of a younger person in one way or the other. I just think that instead of demanding respect from people because of your status or age you should try and earn it.
  6. 2 Possible Tattoos

    QUOTE (Victim026 @ May 25 2008, 04:07 PM) He's a big latin singer, millions of albums sold in tons of different languages. He's a beast in human form. if i remember correctly he's also a bit of a whore
  7. Lemon Wood Coals

    i've had one successful session with romman before and it was when i lit them on a campfire and they caught on fire
  8. Best Flavor?

    single - tangiers peach iced tea mix - fantasia pink lemonade and fantasia blueberry
  9. Sorry, Tangiers...

    first time i tried tangiers in my mya bowl it didn't taste like anything at all, but the second time i used a phunnel bowl and it was perfect i smoked peach iced tea and the flavor wasn't super strong but it was a nice subtle peach and tea flavor. a nice change too cause lately all i've been smoking is tangiers pink lemonade and blueberry. watch the video's and search the posts thats what i did for like two weeks before i ever tried it. and i don't use big hole like everybody else i use a push pin to poke my holes so there super small and i use a lot of them. that always worked better for me.
  10. Beer

    sam adams landshark erdingers leinenkugels sunset wheat
  11. so i'm not sure what the big deal is i've been smoking for two monthes so i'm as noob as it gets. i watched the videos read all the how-to's and got my peach iced tea to smoke good the first time i put it in a phunnel bowl. first time i put it in a mya bowl though that was a different story. i would post pictures and a how-to but thats been done way to many times so i'm not going to do that. I guess i was just kinda proud of myself so i thought i'd write up a post. and to avoid making another post i'm thinking of buying some more tangiers and i was just wondering if anybody had some suggestions.
  12. Wtb: Small Or Medium Funnel Bowl

    only site i know of that accepts paypal is www.texashookah.com and i don't think they sell phunnel bowls. edit: i checked and they sell the medium phunnel but its on backorder.
  13. Speeding Ticket!

    depending on what kind of radar they used you might be able to get out of it. if the cop car was stationary they can get you going 2mph over. but its my understanding that if they get you on moving radar while there driving towards you or behind you the radar has a margin of error thats +/- 10 mph.
  14. i still smoke about a pack a day of ciggs camel lights too. and i smoke hookah but i think its better than what i did before i used to dip tobacco. thats gross
  15. Starbuzz Blue Mist

    QUOTE (Stuie @ Apr 22 2008, 09:59 AM) It's like everyone is in love with SB Blue Mist and Fantasia Pink Lemonade. They seem to always be sold out when I look to buy... But I am going to make it goal to get them soon if anyone know who has either in stock let me know. just got some pink lemonade last week and that pretty much all i've smoked since