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  1. Basically I need to get off my T-Mobile plan and get onto my company's Verizon business account. T-Mobile still doesn't have 3G coverage where I live which makes using my blackberry painful. Not only that but I have 2-3 bars Max around town, in my house I usually have 1 bar which makes it almost impossible to get pages when i'm on-call. I have about 10 months left in my T-Mobile contract and I want to see if there's any way around paying the ~200 dollar termination fee. Does anyone have any hookups or tricks to get around this?
  2. QUOTE (coplinb @ Apr 24 2009, 06:22 PM) COD 4? Why not WOW? Oh where to begin...
  3. n0s

    The Next Hobo...

    Why not optional components that go on easily? Like how the QT trays come on/off so easily, and wind covers that fit snug to the top.
  4. n0s

    I'm In Love...

    Glad I read this, my Nakhla double apple and mango just came in today, bout ready to take it home and smoke it!
  5. QUOTE (JByer323 @ Apr 22 2009, 10:03 AM) One of these better be bacon. I second that motion
  6. HC is out of california so it should be pretty quick. If you want something really fast I know that hookah-shisha ships out of Texas, but they don't carry KM's. HookahJohn is also out of CA and he carries KM's, I heard he has crazy fast shipping.
  7. Looks like a good order to me. I'd get the tri-metal hands down, such a beautiful stem. I'd also get coconara's instead of AF coals, haven't tried the AF ones myself but I love coconara's.
  8. n0s

    Beer Tubes

    Like I said it's 80oz, less than 4 tall beers so its great for two people. And you don't store beer in it...
  9. n0s

    Beer Tubes

    My favorite sports bar in town just got these.. And they're freaking awesome, they hold about 80oz. I have a picture from the other night i'll post when I get my friend to send it to me.
  10. n0s

    Upcoming Order

    Every day that you prolong this order I demand you add 50g to it!!!
  11. n0s

    Help With Inhaling Hookah, Please Help.

    Sounds like that bar doesn't know what they're doing, I agree get your own pipe and try it for yourself. For 50-60 bucks you should be able to get everything you need.
  12. I agree, my QT is my main smoker when i'm at the computer desk and I keep the water level about an inch lower. I have the auto-seal adapters though and if its too high the bearing gets wet and stuck
  13. n0s

    Help Me!

    Hopefully cotsi or brad from Narghile Nights can chime in on this to give you some info. Narghile Nights in Fort Collins, CO is the best hookah lounge I've ever been to. I haven't smoked there in a while so I don't remember their prices or selections exactly, but they'd be a good reference
  14. n0s

    Smokefest 09

    So glad I stumbled onto this, I'm up in Cheyenne and I make the trip down to Narghile's at least once a month. I'll be sure to come check it out.