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  1. Hookah Music Mixes

    Bob Marley, Tiesto cd 6,7, Deep House, House, prog. house & trance. Some ambience like Schiller DVD, amazing soundscapes and visuals.
  2. Illinois Il Smokers.

    http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2204891823 Fumare Lounges facebook accnt. Just thought I share...
  3. Show Off Your Personal Lounge

    http://www.facebook.com/photo_search.php?o...23&view=all Place where I smoke.
  4. Diffrent Flavors

    Try Lemone Ice Tea and Irish Cream....
  5. talk to George at Hookahcompany and Sam at Al-Fakheronline and talk to Randy at Fantasiatobacco.
  6. Chicago Hookah Lounges?

    I believe they have changed the all chairs, tables, and seating. They have redecorated the place, also the prices $13 per hookah, not sure what you are refering to for $20. I know Milan uses the same couches as Fumare does. Also they have Dj's there on Thur. and Sat. nights. They have over 100+ flavors from Starbuzz, Al-Fakher, Layalina, Fantasia, and Fusion. You should revisit, they have changed many things around.
  7. Khalil Mamoon or Al-Fakher Hookah. Smooth and easy to clean up. Very sturdy and large hookahs.
  8. Layalina Favoirte

    Layalina Peach
  9. Pink Lemonade

    Orange Sherbert, Pink Lemonade, and Mon Cheri are very stong and powerfull flavors. There Margarita is also very good.
  10. Chicago Hookah Lounges?

    Here you go http://hookahchicago.com/directory.html