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  1. QUOTE (chinamon @ Mar 3 2009, 09:46 PM) they ship from the USA because they say they ship with USPS or Fedex to canada. also, you will never find a canadian-based hookah site that sells tobacco online as it is illegal to do so. all tobacco must be sold from a storefront. I know there's some sort of 'wholesale' distributor in Edmonton and Vancouver (or so I've been told) but when local shops who order from them are trying to charge me 20$ for a 50g box of Nahkla and havn't even heard of any other brands, I'm sure they're not worth ordering from, whoever they may be.
  2. QUOTE (sitysmoking @ Mar 3 2009, 09:39 PM) As I know this company is Canada based, more information here www.urbanhookah.com/shipping-and-delivery/canadian-shipping-rates.html Hope this helps. They may be based out of Surrey, but their website says they still ship from Georgia, bummer.
  3. Urban Hookah may be based from Surrey, but they still ship from Georgia.
  4. QUOTE buddy, you don't want to know. trust me. haha fair enough, I'll take yr word for it.
  5. Any reason no one orders through TDP anymore? what happened?
  6. Revenge isnt worth it. furthering an already nasty situation would only make it worse and I could see them coming after my dog to get me where it hurts. so i did some investigative work, found out where they live and tossed it to the police but I placed an empty beer bottle in their mailboxes just so they know that I know where I can find them. QUOTE (jfaltous @ Feb 22 2009, 11:17 AM) For future reference, always count on wikipedia: QUOTE The spray can be washed off the face using soap, shampoo, dish washing detergent, or other detergents Soap was the right answer Soap and shampoo don't work when it comes to yr skin, i tried that for a good 45min yesterday with hot and cold water. and thankfully dog wouldn't come up here, not after that mix up he had in mexico. i'm safe from that madness.
  7. Sask_sean

    Whoa Strange Hookah

    ..a marble hookah? I didn't think I'd see that one.
  8. QUOTE (ElijahSing @ Feb 22 2009, 05:55 AM) That sucks really bad my friend, sorry to hear that. really bad? nah, so it goes. besides once we had the windows boarded up and the glass dealt with I managed to enjoy a decent session, so it wasn't a complete loss.
  9. well, it wasnt so much of a home invasion, as it was an attack on my house as well whoever was inside. the thing that really gets me going is the whole thing was over a friend of my room mates showing up drunk with her boyfriend at 2am, expecting she can barge in and wake him up. regardless of how infinity polite I was, they found it to be a good idea to smash up our cars and our windows in the front of the house, which also landed me my eviction today. BUT! there's some hope to this post yet.. Hot water and dish soap, 30min soak, repeat, rinse with cold water and good as new. thankfully once we began airing out the house I realized nothing else hookah related had been tainted. so all is well on that side of things. thanks.
  10. I had a home invasion last night and while bottles were being tossed through my front window someone sprayed bear mace into the house. Now my three hookahs, bowls and hoses have that terrible pepper-y taste and burns to smoke. I'm sure there's gotta be something out there i can sanitize it with, i'm just in a weird place right now and cant think too straight but i bet being able to have a session would really cool me off. anyone have any suggestions? thanks.
  11. same here, i'd be all over this if i had the funds in paypal. i'll toss some in there as soon as i can and check back with you. hopefully you find a buyer before then though dude.
  12. Sask_sean

    Fs: 4 Different Hookahs

    i've looked at this post a handful of times and only now just realised you were pretty close. I might be rolling through calgary sometime this summer and recently traded off my pumpkin. how much were you wanting for the little one with a small or medium phunnel?
  13. Sask_sean

    Nakhla Cola

    if you cant find a way to mix it up and enjoy it, toss me a pm and i'll buy it off you so the poor thing doesn't have to sit in some drawer.
  14. Sask_sean

    What Do You Eat...

    i'm more of an eat first smoke second. but if i cant smoke on an empty stomach, that seems to just ruin the entire sess.
  15. Sask_sean

    Sickest Day Ever

    yeah same, I'm curious as to what the hell it is.