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  1. Hey there Hooked how goes it? How long ago did you open? We are in the Tampa Bay area and plan to open within the next year. Any pointers? Looks like you've got a nice place.
  2. whoruhookah

    Washable hoses

    Excellent, very usefull tidbits guys. You know your stuff kids
  3. whoruhookah

    New girl

    Cypress, Thanks
  4. whoruhookah

    New girl

    Where in Fl are the Hookah lounges you were speaking of? I am also corresponding with "Hooked"  they told me that they own a lounge in the Central Fl area.
  5. whoruhookah

    New girl

    We live in the Tampa Bay area.
  6. whoruhookah

    Washable hoses

    jmexx, What type of washable hose do you have? I am looking into purchasing and was unsure which type to go for. Thanks
  7. Cypress, Glad to hear you made out well with the storm. Peace
  8. whoruhookah


    Welcome from "Florida"
  9. whoruhookah

    help opening hookah lounge

    Hooked,  I am in the Tampa Bay area.  What is the name of your lounge? Do you have any suggestions for breaking into the market?
  10. whoruhookah

    Anyone in Florida?

    Looking for opinions on what you like and dislike about Hookah lounges you've visited..Thanks
  11. whoruhookah

    New girl

    My partner and I are in the process of opening a Hookah Lounge in Florida. Anyone local?
  12. whoruhookah

    help opening hookah lounge

    I am doing the same thing myself in Florida... My best suggestion is to begin with writing a business plan.
  13. whoruhookah

    The New Guy

    Welcome I'm new here myself, just joined today. Interested in opening a Hookah Lounge aswell. I'm located in Florida, yourself?
  14. [quote name='Corona']Ive only been to a few hookah lounges, and i love the atmosphere of the ones that seem to be more in tune with "etiquette" and old fashion decor. Ive been researching hard about starting a lounge of my own and who better to ask about what makes a lounge great than you guys?   What makes a hookah lounge great in your eyes? What would you like to see more of, or things you think SHOULD be in a lounge. Anything from music, to Ma'assel..[/quote]