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  1. nat3r

    Hookah - Bad For You?

    heres the deal there have been no definitive studies linking hookah smoking to any kind of cancer smoking is never good for the body so it should be avoided however, light hookah smoking PROBABLY wont kill you yes, hookah smokers inhale as much SMOKE as a pack of cigarettes contains however, there have been no definitive studies saying that the same crap is in the smoke http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsc4r3I2Pgc that video (which just had the audio removed because of fascist music companies) is an experimentation comparing the two. They are not trained scientists, and the amounts of tobaccos and cotton were not equal, however, i feel it is a good representation. I, however, do not understand the carbon monoxide argument, can someone explain it for me?
  2. QUOTE (Scoop @ Feb 3 2009, 02:15 PM) everything but tangiers. nakhla lingers so long in every hose its practically ruined...especially if the flavor is bad AF - threw up after smoking grape last week after like not smoking AF for practically years (no idea why) al waha / romman - honey based tobaccos are nasty al amir - crap quality starbuzz/fantasia - artificial taste / chemical tonic / potion - didn't like when i tried them hookah-hookah/hookah-freak - lowest quality stuff EVER. complete crap anything else that is dyed. high roller ill smoke anything, but generally i avoid starbuzz because its overpriced
  3. as i am at my college i havent been able to smoke a hookah in a while looking to buy a new one though anyways, i answered the second and third question, but not the first, because i used to smoke cigarettes along with hookah, but i stopped smoking cigs
  4. nat3r

    Thought Provoking Books?

    Get The Girl - by Mehow and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
  5. nat3r


    yeah guys, if you want anything that i have (i listed all that i had earlier) YOU need to pm ME and again, the What.CD invite is only going to a person who can show me images of their ratios on other trackers
  6. nat3r


    i know right? so many people want invites, and they they download one thing and leave. what a wast, What rocks though, been a member ever since oink went down
  7. nat3r


    heres what i know i have: 1 What.CD invite (you will need to show me your ratios on other sites if you would like to nab this...its super-exclusive.) Multiple Demonoid Invites. 8 Invites to ThePlace (an invite only pickup related tracker) Here's what i MIGHT have: A Secret Cinema invite (formerly cinema obscura- Rare and Foreign films) Here's what i DONT have, but might be able to give out, so i guess you can ask me and ill give you when i get it) TheVault (business related tracker) TheBox (british television tracker) ask and ye shall recieve
  8. nat3r

    One Flavor

    double apple, a classic.
  9. i just want to say thank you to all of you who have signed up and played using my link, i know one of you cashed out, because i got a special bonus for inviting you for all those that are new, moola gives you a penny, and you play a game against someone for their penny, then you play for 2, then 4, than 8, than 16, and soon enough your paying for some real cash, i bought my QT with money from it, and the other day i recently bought some fakher 50g's for kicks http://www.moola.com/moopubs/b2b/exc/join....467794d413d3d-2 theres my link again for anyone who is interested in helping out i would really appreciate it
  10. nat3r

    Rate The Avatar Above You!

    lol its the one above you dude
  11. nat3r

    Rate The Avatar Above You!

    Originality: 6 Creativity: 5 Laughability: 2 Flamability (A teletubby avatar for example- easy to flame on) : 1 Arousal: 3 sorry F1 doesnt float my boat at all
  12. the first time through my smoke is never harsh though...its always when i put the second coal on that it gets real harsh, but ill try mixing my shisha after my first bowl
  13. QUOTE (Stuie @ May 27 2008, 03:54 PM) Throw some more coals on there, that's what I do. when i do that the smoke gets harsh, and this is after i use my first coal or two (depending on the size)
  14. well i cut the big ones in half, put them on the outside, and rotate them towards the middle, should i just do it again afterwards?