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  1. iknewmroctopus

    Smoke Tricks

    if i remember correctly there was a fairly large post about smoking tricks... just do a search
  2. iknewmroctopus

    smoke tricks

    A cool thing to do with smoke rings is blow a slow one (don't make your mouth all small... try to make the ring larger) then suck it back in. It gets all streched out and looks really cool. As for the french inhale, its the exact same concept as circular breathing (if you play the digeridoo or trumpet). Just open your jaw while exhaling really slow (to keep a constant flow of thick smoke to you mouth) then close your jaw with your mouth open. That should make the smoke flow out slowly and smoothly (it will look really smooth instead of broken up like it does when exhaled forcefully) then all you have to do is breath in your nose... EASY! Smoke rings are a little harder. I have found 5 ways to make them. 1. Fill your mouth with smoke, make an "o" with your mouth then flick your cheek. It makes little ones. If you do it really fast you can make it look like a ring machine-gun. 2. Make the little "hu" sound while keeping your mouth in a ring shape. It makes o.k. rings but not the best. 3. Use the back of your tounge and throat to push the smoke out your mouth while  keeping smoke in it. 4. Use the same motion as I mentioned with the french inhale, just faster. Fast enough to get the smoke to come out as a nice ring. 5. This is the hardest and the one I usually use... I don't know exactly how I do it but its some kinda combination of opening the mouth from the "o" shape while pushing up with the back of the tounge (first put your mouth in the o shape then open your jaw while opening your lips). I found that combinations of all of these are the best to use for tricks because each method blows diffrent speeds of rings and diffrent sizes. If you combine them you can blow rings through rings through rings... looks sick. One more tip on makeing a slow ring... if right after you blow a thick one inhale a little bit (evenly with your mouth in a semi-o) and it will slow down then make a tight o and blow a fast one through the center. The only other trick I know is the snap inhale... get a mouthful of smoke and then lift up your tounge and slap it down and inhale really fast afterwards. Looks cool. You can also use the tounge snap to blow rings (I guess I know 6 ways to make rings). Good luck! All it takes is practice. Oh one more thing... I've *heard* that if you blow a slow ring and put your finger in the center of it and *slowly slowly slowly* draw a circle in the center of it that you can make the ring expand to the size of your head.
  3. iknewmroctopus

    UC Santa Cruz

    Does anyone on here go to UCSC?
  4. iknewmroctopus

    Hookahs on ebay

    linkcat... do you know the seller's name?
  5. iknewmroctopus


    i use 3 kings too
  6. Has anyone on here had experience buying hookahs on ebay? How is their quality? Which seller did you buy from?
  7. iknewmroctopus

    The wonderful world of diffusers

    One of the smoke shops I go to in San Francisco already sells adaptors that auto seal...
  8. iknewmroctopus

    Cedar ma’assell

    hmmmmm... and I think the smoke shop I go to has them on sale $8 for 250g!
  9. I saw a tub of ceder ma'assell for sale the other day. Has anyone tried it? I am not completely sure if it was cedar I saw but I know it was some kind of tree.
  10. I've had fumari black cherry. Its a really good flavor, but it does taste a little like cough syrup. Needless to say I finished the 50g I bought in under 24 hours.
  11. iknewmroctopus

    420 cleaner

    are there any specific brands that are better than others?
  12. iknewmroctopus

    The wonderful world of diffusers

    AH! THAT IS SO COOL! I want one.
  13. Do the multihose syrians from hookah-shisha come with extra screw on carbs in case you don't want to use them with more than 1 hose?
  14. iknewmroctopus

    Gotta Love the Holidays

    The bowl looks HUGE in relation to the rest of it! 
  15. iknewmroctopus

    420 cleaner

    i have the engineer hookah that you can take apart, so if i take it all apart i could put each section on one of those little spokes in the dishwasher that hold the plates. the water would squirt right up into each one. and the water is really really hot too so I was thinking that it might flush out all the nasty gunk thats built up