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    Arizona Smokers Az

    Flagstaff AZ for college. Hit me up if you want to have a sesh sometime
  2. Abaco

    Homemade Glass Phunnel Mod

    They sell pretty much all glass hookahs at this website: http://www.medusepipes.com/?c=craft&OpenMenu=1 There pretty tight but i dont know how much they sell for.
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    Hs.com Problems

    I bought got my hookah from them and they swaped out the hoses for different ones. then i got the order and the free bag was ripped so i told them and they shipped a new one the next day. Their not all that great with the initial order, but they will corect it for sure after they mess it up...
  5. What do you guys think about Romman shisha, like the stuff you get for free with hookah orders from H-S? Just wondering because i just finished a bowl of the cinnamon and i thought is was pretty good, but i havnt tried that many other brands.
  6. QUOTE (KyotE @ Apr 2 2008, 03:12 PM) I have hurd that it is hard to pull through auto seal hookahs. How hard really is it? I am looking more for a auto seal two hose for me and a friend when he is over so when we play video games we don't have to have our fingers over it. But if it really that hard then I can just get a one hose. But the one I have on back order right now has auto seal and I am just wondering if it really worth it or if you can drag fine through it with little differance. Thanks i have never really liked the auto seal, just because it has a different feel to it and the hookahs ive smoked out of it feels like the ball bearing is moving up and down. it's really not a big deal to most people. I would recommend you get the auto-seal and sometimes that just means they send you ball bearings in a little baggy along with your hookah that you put in (thats how it was for mine). But if you get the chance replace them with 6mm plastic airsoft bb's so they wont ever rust on you. Also sometimes with auto seal hookahs it doesn't seal as well as it would with your finger over it, but it probably wont be that big of a deal with your two hose. You might just want to get flip caps there only $.50 or so, and then you can decide what you like better
  7. I just bought 3 of these hoses with the hookah i ordered so i hope they don't break that easy. How exactly did you break it?
  8. idk what Hs is but if you order off hookah-shisha.com the free ups ground shipping code is ReliableBrown
  9. QUOTE (Elky @ Mar 2 2008, 02:28 PM) cant hurt t ask, talk to one of their reps on live chat and see what they say. thanks for giving me the idea i talked to them and ordered it. they gave me the Nammor hoses for just 9$ more for each one which saved me a lot, it would have cost me $71.85 to order them seprate instead it was only 27$
  10. ya thats a tight hose but i think im going to try and get the nammor hoses from hookah-shisha.com. do you know if they will swap them out if i order a hookah with different hoses for a small discount or are they pretty stuck with their prices
  11. ya i dont think there are any but is it worth it to buy hoses that are washable.
  12. Im going to buy a new hookah soon and i dont know what hoses to get. What are the best ones? I personaly like the cobra hoses but your not supposed to wash them out and i usally wash my hoses every few days so i would be worred about rusting the cobras