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  1. Nice job! Just don't drop the hot coals haha.
  2. She is a woman who can't take the old female vote, and splits the white vote. Obama generally takes 95% of the black vote, while Hillary barely pulls 54% or so of the white vote. I don't see how she can call these type of numbers a victory but she does. She will not win the nomination.
  3. AF apple/AF cinnamon. And Hookah-Freak blueberry pancakes.....mmmmm breakfast!
  4. Funnel Bowls

    Phunnels are the way to go! I got mine from worldhookah.com
  5. Tired Of My Flavors...

    AF Watermelon AF Cola AF Mint AF Cherry Starbuzz X on the Beach Tangiers Mimon Tangiers Red Tea Tangiers Orange Soda Tangiers Blue Gum Ball Thats a few!
  6. Vase Liquids

    If you just did the 10 shots anything would taste good .
  7. Vase Liquids

    Starbuzz X on the beach with the punch!
  8. Ok Now I Have Pics

    Beautiful hookah!
  9. First Session

    It can also harsh up if a lot of ash falls in the holes. A way to fix that if it gets harsh is taking the coals of the bowl and when the bowl cools blowing through the bottom of the bowl. How big were your holes in the foil? Another thing to try is starting the hookah with small hits not long drags. Long hits to begin with can burn the top lair and make the smoking harsh. Other then that just try breaking one 33m in half and rotating it and when those halves burn down do the same with another because with a normal bowl you can get through at least 2. As for it being lower on one side, you probably just didn't have enough on that side and it settled or you moved the bowl and it shifted.
  10. Vase Liquids

    Crush some altoids in the base with water and smoke AF mint. Man that is strong. Lemon juice with lemon or lemon/mint is also nice.
  11. I ordered an orange one today!
  12. Help Me

    I do 2 rings with a hole in the middle. And I use 2 33mm broken in halves and add and subtract to manage heat.
  13. I love cobras they are beautiful and I have 2. Mine just went to shit quickly, though I know it was my fault, because they were the first hoses with my first hookah so I didn't know what to do. I have a Razan and Nammor now just because I was afraid to get another non-washable. Nice hose though, enjoy!