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  1. Hey everyone, Its been a long time but I need your help... My MYA Qt 2 hose has done great for me over the years but now im looking to upgrade. What would you recommend for a nice, good quality, 2 hose hookah? Im considering this: http://hookahjohn.com/KM-RED-Pearl-Double-Hose-Party-Hookah-2074.htm but im open to any other suggestions, my max price would be about $150. Any thoughts are much appreciated, Thanks! -Steve
  2. s_smith001

    Lighting Naturals

    sweet thanks for the quick reply, and do i use just one, i have a QT and usually use one 3Ks untill it dies down then add another...
  3. s_smith001

    Lighting Naturals

    im going camping tomorrow and i bought my first pack of coconara's, we obviously wont have a stove there so my question is can i throw them in the campfire for a bit to light them?
  4. s_smith001

    Made A Cool-ish Video

    Ya the 5Dii is a beast, this was done with the Rebel T1i but still this video stuff on DSLRd is pretty neat. Ill try to find some time to upload to the videos sections here, hope theres not a filesize limit lol. You can download the full video from vimeo (bottom right on the video page) thanks for the props!
  5. Hey everyone, I haven't been on here much lately but I thought I'd just share a new video I made. Sit back fire-up the hookah and enjoy. I find the way the colour disperses in the water resembles smoke too. anyways if this is off topic or anything you can remove it... the link to the HD version on Vimeo is underneath. http://www.vimeo.com/5292785 cheers, Steve
  6. cool thanks! i think ill hit up hookahjohn soon to replenish the shisha stash!
  7. Hey there, Ive been away from the forum for a while and since my un-namable online store i used to buy from has been shut down, Id like to know where my fellow canadian hookah smokers are buying their shisha and hookah swag. Obviously a store that ships across the border while avoiding customs is key. Thanks everyone!
  8. s_smith001

    Tangiers In Canada?

    greetings to a fellow Ottawan! i would def. order online unless you are rich and reckless or in a huge hurry! happy smokin!
  9. s_smith001

    Hookahcompany And Canada

    QUOTE (SmokinMoose @ Oct 2 2008, 09:20 PM) How much was shipping? i just made a cart of 20x50g packs and for usps priority was 23.79 or something around that. the buy 10 and get 10 free deal makes it worth it for sure.
  10. s_smith001

    Hookahcompany And Canada

    QUOTE (chinamon @ Oct 2 2008, 07:04 PM) QUOTE (jokeymaster @ Oct 2 2008, 09:18 PM) sorry to hijack your thread..but just wondering since u guys from canada..where do u normally get the tobacco from? MNHookah and AlFakherOnline for me. Do you get taxes or fees when AFonline ships to you?
  11. QUOTE (Big Boss @ Aug 5 2008, 02:37 AM) I don't really like to listen to music while I smoke but I could totally smoke through a Phunnel while listening to Sigur Ros SIGUR ROS FTW
  12. s_smith001

    Al Fakher Guava

    anyone got some extra guava to sell?
  13. so apparently any post that can be construed as in defense of neal will be deleted? all i posted was this quote & "/thread..." QUOTE (bjelder @ Jun 13 2008, 01:06 AM) Upon further conversation with Neal, all my issues have been resolved. He got mad at me for Holly's mistake, found out what was wrong and IMMEDIATELY apologized like a gentlemen. No hard feelings whatsoever. whats wrong with that?
  14. s_smith001

    Fantasia Price!

    QUOTE (Stuie @ Jun 10 2008, 10:45 AM) Maybe it's worth that much to some people, not me. I might buy a 50g pack from time to time. But I am not paying that to smoke red dye. +1, eff that for only 200g of food colouring.