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  1. I went for a trip to visit my cousin a couple weeks ago and her roomates introduced me to shisha and I really enjoyed it, so when I got home I ordered a hookah and some shisha for myself but I can't seem to get it right. Im smoking some Romman and Al Fakher brand tobacco but I'm getting more burning taste rather then the fruit flavor. Ive been watching some setup videos and reading some guides but I'm not making much progress. I've been playing around with Foil, Double Foil, and the screen that came with my hookah and Im finding that when I check on the shisha after smoking a bit, the top layer is usually burned at stuck to the foil/screen. I'm thinking that perhaps im packing too much in(the people on the setup videos look like they are packing more then I am) or the coals suck. I've been using quicklight coals that came with it and Ive been letting them burn off the black layer first before attempting to smoke and still I seem to taste some flavor, but alot of burning, It doesnt seem as pleasant as I remember from my cousins. I also bought a pack of Romman natural coals with my order but I havn't played around too much with them yet. Do you guys think that maybe the brand of coal is the source of this problem? Any suggestions would be very helpful, I really want to get this going properly
  2. Alive: Vladimir Putin, Seth Macfarlane, Daniel Negreanu Dead: John Candy, Vladimir Lenin, Miyamoto Musashi Fictional: Captain Canuck, Yuri Orlov, God
  3. QUOTE (thecoalition @ Feb 26 2008, 11:19 AM) ok guys computer lesson: a bsod can be caused by anything hardware or software. all you need to do is look at the stop code listed on the screen. in this case it is 0x000000f4. go to microsoft and look at the list. then it will normally say what the typical cause is. it also helps to look at computer forums where people have had similar or the same issues. the "this problem" was referring to stop code 0x000000f4 which is the one that unrelenting is referring to. are you happy now that i have laid out all of the logic behind my grammar bowley 88? +1 to your internet ego, high five.
  4. What do you mean "this problem". Where do you get the idea that this specific BSOD is because of the hard drives?
  5. Just at random times? what are you doing when it happens
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